Review EMS: How Business Owners Can Use Productivity Monitoring Software?

Employee monitor software has become quite significant for businesses. Whether you are a business owner, CEO, operational manager, or administrator, tracking is necessary. In this way, you can track all your employees with the time-tracking feature of the best EMS software.

Many of us are now aware of time tracking and the involvement of productivity monitoring software in improving it. With time tracking, you can understand how much time your employees spend in front of their computers. It helps improve productivity, get insight, and manage workflow more effectively. While talking about a specific business, it is necessary to mention that business owners have numerous questions in their minds.

For example, they do not know how to track time. When they agree to use time tracking solutions, they do not know the best productivity monitoring software. They can ask questions about the implementation of time tracking solutions in the organization. Furthermore, they do not know how to implement the best practices of time tracking in their businesses. In this guide, we have the plan to address all these concerns effectively.

What is the Main Purpose of Time Tracking App Using Productivity Monitoring Software?

Generally, Productivity monitoring software helps you record the working hours of all your employees. It also tells us how much time has been spent on a specific task. It means that you can estimate the productivity of all your employees and compensate them accordingly.

  • With time entries, you can set a gauge that tells you where your employees are spending time. These entries also help you calculate the time in which employees complete a specific task. Calculating the payrolls on these bases is an additional advantage.
  • When you identify the tasks, which take more time, you can estimate how your employees can improve their performance. The most time-consuming tasks must add value to the business, and if unproductive tasks take more time, you need to consider how to manage these tasks more efficiently.

The above discussion about time tracking confirms that employee monitoring software is necessary use in organizations. Generally, employee activity monitoring software is equipped with different types of timesheets. Here, we need to mention that forecast team timesheets are also offered. Let us understand it! How does it work?

1. Forecast’s Team Timesheet Using Productivity Monitoring Software

The productivity monitoring software offers this sheet after incorporating artificial intelligence. It means that the best EMS software provides you with the opportunity to register hours to complete a certain task. In this way, you can track hours against a specific task spent by all the employees. It means that you can set an automatic benchmark for each task against your estimates.

2. Check Employee Activities Using Productivity Monitoring Software

Generally, monitoring computer activities with software can be an eye-opener for management. Time tracking helps you estimate the exact time to browse the web, find a specific document from numerous folders, and look through the inbox to check a specific email. It is necessary to mention that all these tasks are minor daily activities. The accumulation of these tasks tells us that these tasks can be the most time-consuming ones, although we can consider them non-billable activities. It also suggests that these tasks have no value in a worksheet.

  • The justification issue of these tasks can be raised. The studies and surveys also confirm it.
  • According to some studies, US companies waste a handsome amount of $7.4 billion in a single day on these tasks. It means that the employees of most companies are not as productive as they should be.

3. Transparency Work Processes with the Help of Productivity Monitoring Software

When you consider time a staple in your regular operational tasks, it automatically introduces transparency in the organization. When your employees spend time properly completing tasks, workflow improves a lot. Moreover, the best free EMS software offers insights to identify which tasks take how much time to complete. Additionally, the management starts understanding the activities, which can be placed on the back burner, and prioritize important tasks more effectively. Eventually, the employees find themselves in a situation where they can provide a clear and bigger picture to the management. They can also look back on their assigned tasks, manage their workloads, and improve productivity when they think so.

4. You Can Make Your Employees Accountable

Time tracking with the help of employee monitoring software can make employees more focused because they know that they are tracked. When employees realize that their time is calculated, they try to become more productive. To improve their daily and weekly performances, they start identifying the loopholes in their performance and think about minimizing non-billable work.

Time tracking brings the ability to adapt and reflect among team members. In this way, they ask questions of themselves, which can be:

  1. Did their tasks help achieve organizational goals?
  2. Which task is important enough to spend more time on?
  3. How can the team spend time on more effective and beneficial tasks?
  4. Which task is important for career growth?
  5. Which task can pursue a personal objective?
  6. How can a team introduce concrete changes in the current tasks to improve performance?

When you, as a team, find answers to some of these questions, you can go for changes in the processing and workflow. In this way, we can identify the issues in organizing the tasks, systems, staff management, experience, and many other performance-based procedures.

5. Operational and Billing Efficiency

When you are offering services, monitoring computer activities is key in time tracking. In a service business, it is necessary to manage billing tasks more effectively. It helps highlight the productivity level of all the employees. The entire organization can feel the impact of billable utilization reports. It is because you can bill your clients accordingly after calculating the exact time spent on a specific task. And if your workforce is increasing billable hours, you can generate more profits.

6. Productivity Monitoring Software Provides Resources

Time tracking helps you measure the needed resources. It helps management identify those departments where resources should be provided. When you know that arranging workforce and other resources to a specific department can bring value to the organization, you can take necessary actions. In some situations, the organizations are spending less amount on a specific valuable task. Time tracking with the help of employee activity monitoring software helps you identify these departments. When it happens, the companies start flourishing.

7. You Can Track the Budget and Learn How It Burns

Time tracking is the best option for managing your budget more efficiently. Generally, employees fill their sheets with numerous tasks. In this way, you cannot calculate the budget, which has been consumed in unproductive tasks. With employee monitoring software, you can ensure that your budget is being spent rightly and appropriately.

Types of Time Tracking

Generally, employee activity monitoring software gives you a deep and objective look at the tasks assigned to the employees and their completion speed. However, it is necessary to differentiate between time tracking of the individuals and project time tracking.

Let us explore the types of time tracking!

a. Personal time tracking

Monitoring the computer activities of all employees helps you track digital time. We call it personal time tracking. This tracking helps us identify all those apps and websites used by our employees over time. The productivity monitoring software compares this time with the overall productive score and generates results accordingly. It helps us identify the issues in workflow and improve it as per the requirement.

b. Project time tracking

On the other hand, large companies focus more on tracking projects instead of tracking individuals. This technique manages all your tasks relate to specific projects. It improves resource management and combines it with the project. In this way, the management can get valuable insights into all the projects and manage time more effectively to generate productive results.

Guide Your Employees About Productivity Monitoring Software 

Here, it is necessary to mention that you need to develop confidence among your employees before introducing productivity monitoring software for time tracking. It is because it can bounce back if you have not informed them about time tracking. Generally, the employees lose confidence and become depressed when they are immediately informed that they are tracking. Therefore, it is a must to take them into confidence before implementing employee monitoring software.

You need to provide proper training to the employees. With that, it is also necessary to guide them about time tracking. They must be informed about the benefits and drawbacks of time tracking for them and the organization. With that, it is necessary to guide them on how to manage employee activity monitoring software. Additionally, it can help improve their organizational performance.


EMS (Employee Monitoring Software) is best for productivity evaluation as it gives you daily reports containing productive hours and productivity percentages. You can determine whole team productivity and individual productivity. However, without EMS, it is a grinding task for management to give unbiased remarks on employees' efforts in the group project.

Productivity monitoring software gives you track of a diverse range of things, i.e., working hours, productivity hours (daily, weekly, monthly, annually), free time, project management, team productivity, etc. It will tell you about the downfall of a project beforehand.

You can track each employee's time and the project, and predict the progress of a project. A project works in a deadline-driven environment, so time management is essential. Informing the management about delays in a project due to resource deficiency or fewer employees is the lead purpose of EMS (employee monitoring software).