Multiple Tools – How to Check Productivity Monitoring Software Easy in E-commerce

As your e-commerce business grows, so should the way you manage it. More business means more work. However, this does not always mean enough income to support more team members via productivity monitoring software. It can be difficult to stay competitive when you have to work hard to get everything done.

There is more to do, but just as much time to do. For each item you add to your to-do list, add two to three more.

In some cases, hiring employees is the right choice. When you expand your team, the work you can do multiplies. A smart attitude can accelerate your growth and give you an advantage over your competition.

On the other hand, an attitude before you are ready can have the opposite effect. If you use too many resources for training and paying your new team members, your swing will be slowed down, and you will be left behind.

Whether you hire someone or not, productivity is the key. You can not pack more hours in one day, but you can do more work simultaneously. With the right tools, you can achieve just that. Use simple techniques to profile yourself in a competition-intensive market without overdoing it yourself.

To help you prepare your business for elegant growth, we’ve compiled this list of e-commerce productivity tools.

Table of Content

1. The Best eCommerce & Productivity Monitoring Software

2. Time and Productivity Monitoring Software

3. More Energy for Your Workday

     1.1 Fairness

     1.2 Inclusion

     1.3 Accessibility

4. Different Tools to Work With 

5. For Whom is it Suitable?

6. What Users Have to Say About EMS Software

7. What Makes this Tool Different?

8. How to Make it More Productivity Monitoring

9. Track Time by Project to Gain More Valuable Insights 

10. Conclusion 

The Best eCommerce and Productivity Monitoring Software

To run a profitable online store, you need to think about many things at once. You have to develop a strategy and attract customers, maintain your website, provide a good service, and manage your portfolio.

There is no such thing as an e-commerce tool that can do everything for you. Moreover, a computer program that accomplishes your work is not the A, and O. Technology will never replace your intuition and your judgment.

Instead, we’ve compiled a list of tools to help you accomplish routine and repetitive tasks faster and more efficiently, allowing you to focus on more important things.

The productivity tools recommended by us can be divided into four categories.

  • Time and productivity measurement
  • Collaboration
  • Automation
  • Management of stocks

All of these features are indispensable for eCommerce teams of all sizes and offer the best opportunity to reclaim some of your time. Let us talk about how you can do this.

Time and Productivity Monitoring Software

Even if you do not currently have working hours, it is wise to equip your eCommerce team with a time management system. In the case of time capture, it is above all about visibility. If you can see exactly where your time is going, you can identify problems and identify the time wasters that are not obvious.

For example, it may seem like a quick task to review information several times a day. But the timing data can tell you that you are spending six hours a week on information alone. Use this information to set time limits for the items on your to-do list that do not have high priority.

New technologies, social activism, and an unexpected global pandemic have helped us redefine what it means to be an integrative workplace with productivity monitoring software.

The teams in the office are no longer limited to applicants from the immediate area. The growing number of digital nomads and freelancers has contributed to teams becoming multinational.

This development also entails a greater responsibility to achieve more integration. Even if your company is not active worldwide, you may have to deal with customers, suppliers and colleagues around the world.

Hopefully, you are already taking honest steps towards a more integrative workplace. If you want to modernize and improve your approach, you must first understand what inclusion means.

More Energy for Your Workday

Achieve your goals faster with time management, Productivity Monitoring, and work management. Take advantage of the performance of EMS employee monitoring software. DEIA is an acronym that stands for diversity, equality, inclusion, and accessibility. Although there are many similarities and overlaps between these four concepts, there are also important differences.

1. Fairness

Recognize that not all people have the same starting point. For some, additional measures or preferences may be required so that all have the same opportunities.

2. Inclusion

Acceptance and appreciation of the unique qualities of a human being without consistency.

3. Accessibility

Ensure that all persons have access to and use the same resources, equipment and facilities.

The “diversity” and “accessibility” aspects are usually given the most attention when it comes to DEIA. Unfortunately, diverse occupations and barriers do not always lead to an integrative workplace.

You can adjust the rates for each project or team member, and EMS employee activity monitoring software takes care of the salary calculation. Managers can approve timeline archives and employees on integrations with:

Different Tools to Work With 

  1. PayPal
  2. Payoneer
  3. TransferWise
  4. Bitwage
  5. Gusto
  6. EMS timing systems
  7. ActiveCollab
  8. EMS (Employee Monitoring System)
  9. GitLab
  10. GitHub
  11. Insightly
  12. Slack
  13. QuickBooks
  14. Gusto
  15. Sales staff
  16. ZenDesk
  17. Zapier

For Whom is it Suitable?

E-commerce companies should consider EMS if they: want to understand better what their employees do during working hours

  • Uncover and fix bottlenecks
  • Measure and increase productivity

What Users Have to Say About EMS Software

The best free ems software support is always helpful and responds quickly. We have had very good experiences with EMS and his integration support for monitoring computer activities. 

Most EMS users praise customer support for being very helpful and prompt with any issues they may have. Customers cite invoices, screenshots, and detailed reports as the most useful features of the software.

Negative reviews mostly refer to the EMS function for the activity level but are often because the users did not understand this function correctly.

No matter how hard I work, I have never had a day with more than 40% productivity – and that has only happened once. I know I’m working. I know I’m doing my job, but why am I so poorly rated? 

As mentioned in the Support Documentation, this feature should detect sudden productivity breaks or increases and not as an absolute measure of a team member’s productivity. New users, especially managers, should keep this in mind.

What Makes this Tool Different?

Although there are many solutions for time capture, EMS is characterized by the following features:

How to Make it More Productivity Monitoring

EMS helps you improve your team’s productivity by enabling you to detect and eliminate inefficient processes and time-consuming activities. This way, your team can achieve more in less time.

Track Time by Project or Task to Gain More Valuable Insights 

This detailed information will help you to find and eliminate time eaters. Maybe the quick checks on social media are not so fast, or you underestimated how long it takes to add products to the website.

EMS’s timeline reports are even more powerful when combined with the other productivity data that the app collects.

The URL and app tracking, for example, shows you which tools and websites your team uses most often. If you pay for tools that your team does not use, you should cancel the subscription. Or, when certain apps or websites distract your team, you should gently remember it.


EMS productivity monitoring software automatically creates time arcs from the captured hours. Manual timeline charts or spreadsheets are no longer required, which means that you also avoid the hassle and errors associated with manual entries and for more signup now for a free trial.