Great Features

EMS productivity software that gives business owners and managers insight into how employees spend their time at work. You can easily manage your business progress. Following EMS Customizable features can enhance employee's working efficiency.

Live Monitoring

  • Live view 
  • Real Time Tracking
  • Monitor Employee Every Activity


  • Websites/Keywords
  • USB/Software Download
  • Copy Paste/File Attachment

Employees Productivity

  • Daily Analytical report
  • Daily Productivity Ratio
  • Total working/Productive hours

Web Browsing History

  • Block Unproductive websites
  • Generate Popups on Violation
  • Track employee browsing history


  • Screenshots with user details
  • Set Screenshots time intervals
  • Restriction Violation Screenshots

Installed Software List

  • Software installation date
  • Define Software Functionality
  • Total Number of Software Installed

Alarm Triggers

  • Implement alarms at all levels
  • Generation of warning popups
  • Triggering alarm on rule violations

Roles Management

  • Create Roles
  • Assign Roles to web users
  • Assign Permissions to roles

Activity Log

  • View Total Worktime
  • Daily Working Details
  • View Employee Daily Activities


  • Log in/Log out details
  • Daily Attendance Report
  • Total work time & idle Time

Project Management

  • Budget Allocation
  • Create New Project
  • Assign projects to teams

Daily Reports

  • Print Reports
  • Generate Email Reports
  • Employees metrics of the day