Great Features of EMS

Great Features

EMS productivity software that gives business owners and managers insight into how employees spend their time at work. You can easily manage your business progress. Following EMS Customizable features can enhance employee's working efficiency.

Live Monitoring

  • Live view 
  • Real Time Tracking
  • Monitor Employee Every Activity


  • Websites/Keywords
  • USB/Software Download
  • Copy Paste/File Attachment

Employees Productivity

  • Daily Analytical report
  • Daily Productivity Ratio
  • Total working/Productive hours

Web Browsing History

  • Block Unproductive websites
  • Generate Popups on Violation
  • Track employee browsing history


  • Screenshots with user details
  • Set Screenshots time intervals
  • Restriction Violation Screenshots

Installed Software List

  • Software installation date
  • Define Software Functionality
  • Total Number of Software Installed

Alarm Triggers

  • Implement alarms at all levels
  • Generation of warning popups
  • Triggering alarm on rule violations

Roles Management

  • Create Roles
  • Assign Roles to web users
  • Assign Permissions to roles

Activity Log

  • View Total Worktime
  • Daily Working Details
  • View Employee Daily Activities


  • Log in/Log out details
  • Daily Attendance Report
  • Total work time & idle Time

Project Management

  • Budget Allocation
  • Create New Project
  • Assign projects to teams

Daily Reports

  • Print Reports
  • Generate Email Reports
  • Employees metrics of the day


Employee tracking software is designed to help companies keep track of employees' time spent working and how they spend their work hours. It also allows managers to monitor employee productivity and identify areas where employees can improve. Overall, here are the features that make employee tracking software unique:

  • Employee time tracking
  • Employee attendance monitoring
  • Staff productivity evaluation
  • Project management
  • Report generation
  • Payroll management
  • Timesheet analysis
  • Integrations with other applications
  • Screenshot capturing
  • Online and offline tracking
  • Silent and visible working
  • Email Reporting


Real-time process monitoring is a way to track how well your business is performing. It helps you identify problems before they become significant issues. For example, if you notice that your sales team isn't meeting its quota, you'll know right away so you can take action.

There are many benefits to having real-time monitoring of employees. It allows managers to see exactly where their staff members are at all times, which helps ensure they are not wasting time away from work. It also means in case of an emergency, such as a fire alarm being triggered, the manager can immediately know about it.

Real-time remote monitoring allows you to simultaneously view live video feeds from multiple cameras. This means you can see what is happening in real time without waiting until the footage is recorded. It also allows you to record footage when something happens, so you can review it later. With real-time monitoring, you can also observe employees' screens and see what they are doing currently.


The best system monitoring software allows employers and managers to monitor all employees and systems. It means the management must know which activities its employees spend time on. Moreover, managers can observe their employees' screens to see whether they are productive or use unproductive websites like news, social media, and sports websites.


Employee monitoring software is used by employers to keep track of employees' activities online. It allows companies to see exactly what their employees do on office desks. This information can help companies determine if their employees are spending too much time on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter or if they're surfing inappropriate websites.


A remote monitoring system lets you view live video feeds and screenshots from multiple locations when they think so. It means that if something happens in one place, you can see it precisely from your site.

A remote monitoring system is a computer program that allows you to view live video feeds and employees' screens throughout your facility. It also provides instant access to all the data collected by camera and applications. This information includes everything from motion detection alerts to detailed reports about how many people entered and exited each room.


Employees who take screenshots of other employees' computers may face legal. The same is true in the case of companies. However, companies can achieve this target after getting consent from employees. In fact, companies often use screenshot monitoring software to help prevent such incidents.

Yes, the Employee Monitor System takes screenshots of your computer screen. It also records mouse movements and keystrokes. This information can be used by employers to determine if employees are working while they should be doing something else.


Employee attendance monitoring software is a great way to keep track of employees' hours worked. It allows managers to see how many hours each employee works per week and whether they work overtime. This information helps employers determine if employees are being paid correctly. Moreover, employees can also monitor their attendance through their dashboard.

An attendance management system is a computer program designed to help companies keep track of employees' time and attendance. It allows managers to view reports about how many hours each employee worked during any given period and provides information about absences and tardiness.


Employee attendance monitoring software is used by companies to keep track of employees' work hours and attendance. It helps employers determine whether employees are working according to schedule and if they're being productive.


A daily productivity report is tool managers use to track how well employees perform during the workday. It helps managers understand whether they need to give employees additional training or if they need to adjust their schedules so that they can better meet deadlines.


Employee Productivity Report is a web-based application designed to help companies track employee productivity by providing real-time data about how employees perform. It also provides managers with tools to analyze performance trends and identify areas where improvements can be made.


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