How Can You Watch Employee’s Screen /Work Productivity?

The use of productivity monitoring software is one of the most appreciated and acceptable ways to develop control over employees, see what they are doing, and their time management at their work. Employers or management can also watch employee’s screens and keep track of productivity. However, people do not know much about the features and benefits of work productivity software.

Therefore, we have decided to explain these monitoring tools in detail with all the important features, working, and some of the most valuable benefits.

Why Do We Need Work Productivity Monitoring Software?

It is also essential to mention that employee management and monitoring can be the most important to running a successful business. If you are a business owner of a specific company with about 100 employees, managing them properly and getting the best results can become the most crucial task for the management. Here, it is also necessary to disclose that working labor cost percentages is the most challenging aspect. It is because these percentages can be about 20 to 35% of the total gross sales. So, if you can improve your employees’ performance, you can have more profit margins that make you more competitive in the market. So, use now work productivity software for employee work.

Here, we cannot ignore the contribution of the digital revolution in distracting employees from unproductive tasks. It is a part of modern-day civilization. Therefore, the companies need to give some leverage in this regard. However, no organization can afford to compromise on performance due to the digital involvement of the employees.

How to Calculate Employee Spending Time Using Work Productivity Using EMS?

According to a survey, more than 67% of employees spend some time using social media. Out of these employees, 19% give a maximum of 15 minutes to social media out of their total working hours. Another 17% spend 30 minutes on these activities. The same survey tells us that 20% of employees use social media for about an hour. When you calculate these numbers after calculating the total number of employees and hours spent with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or WhatsApp, you can easily understand the dip in your work productivity levels.

The above discussion confirms that employee activity monitoring software is a need of present-day organizations. No company can afford to leave their employees unattended or the supervisors and managers. It is because physical supervision cannot stop employees from avoiding these unproductive activities. Only monitoring the computer activities of all the employees is the best solution. Therefore, the value of the best free EMS software has increased a lot.

How does Employee Monitoring Software Work?

Generally, productivity monitoring software consists of different digital solutions. All these solutions work to help the companies and their management increase oversight capabilities to improve the performance of their employees. These monitoring tools help organizations deal with different situations and workforce environments. In this way, the companies can control the activities of their employees, improve time tracking, and develop engagement toward tasks. With that, companies can also make their confidential and sensitive data more secure and protected. Monitoring computer activities with these tools allows the management to avoid tempering data and unauthorized access to sensitive data.

In essence, the best EMS software allows the company to monitor its employees more closely during office hours. These monitoring tools also help track remote employees to calculate the accurate time spent completing the tasks. In this way, you can bring more transparency and accountability to the organization. More importantly, you can increase the work productivity levels in the organization with visible results, traceability of all the employees and their performances, and more engagement.

Key Features of Employee Work Productivity Monitoring Software

Choosing the right employee monitoring software is the most crucial task before incorporating it into your organization. The reason is that all these software programs offer different features and can have different capabilities. This multifaceted nature makes it important to strategize your employee management with the most relevant employee activity monitoring software.

For example, monitoring computer activities with the best free EMS software has two salient features. These are attendance tracking and time tracking. Attendance tracking means the availability of a specific employee on available working days. Conversely, time tracking means the total time spent in front of the computers out of the total working hours in a week. In this way, you can calculate employees’ performance and pay them after calculating the payroll.

Overall, here are some of the most significant features of employee monitoring software:

1. Task Management Capabilities Using Activity Monitoring

This salient feature helps the managers observe what their employees are doing and on which tasks they are giving time. They can also set deadlines and targets to complete the tasks within time. This feature helps the management track remote employees and meet deadlines.

2. Timesheets

These sheets are specially designed to monitor employees’ productivity more efficiently. Timesheets also help organizations manage different tasks and projects more attentively. With these sheets, they know how much time their employees spend on a specific project or task. In this way, the management can also identify productive and unproductive tasks and ensure that their employees dedicate their time to those tasks which are more beneficial for the organization.

3. Location Tracking

Some top employee monitoring software solutions also use GPS tools to track the location of the employees. This feature suits most when you have a field marketing team or delivery staff. More importantly, you keep your employees focused on what has been assigned to them. In this way, you can stop your employees from spending time with their friends.

4. Work Productivity Evaluation

When you use productivity monitoring software, you can use multiple analytic tools to evaluate productivity. In this way, you can remove weak elements and hurdles that affect your overall performance. With that, you can also generate some specific production reports for evaluating your employees’ performance. These reports help you identify those areas where your performance is below average and you need more competent and productive employees to improve it.

5. Sensitive Data Alerts

Employee monitoring software allows you to set alerts against suspicious activities to protect your sensitive or confidential data. When someone tries to access restricted data, these solutions generate alerts that the system sends to relevant authorities. It means that you can keep unauthorized individuals away from sensitive data by monitoring computer activities with the help of the best EMS software.

6. Stealth Mode Tracking

Yes, it is also available with specific productivity monitoring software. This feature allows the management to monitor employees without informing them. Some may say that it is illegal. Yes, it is true in some countries. However, it is one of the best ways that help you reach the right decision after monitoring what is going on inside the organization.

The Benefits and Advantages of Using Work Productivity Monitoring Software

The introduction of employee monitoring software has changed the whole concept of tracking employees. It brings evolution and revolution in monitoring the workforce and overall organizational performance.

While talking about the employees, they perform better when they know that they are continuously monitored. They try to minimize their deficiencies, avoid wasting time, and reduce procrastination. When it happens, the overall performance of the organization improves a lot. However, it is not the only benefit, as the management can also generate some analytical data after learning the insight. You can rearrange the operational activities, engage the workforce in other important tasks, evaluate the performance of all individuals, and appreciate them according to their performance. This activity develops engagement, ownership, trust, and keenness to improve among employees.

When you use employee monitoring software, you learn how to improve organizational performance and what type of employees you need to engage with the organization. It means that you can improve your team after getting insights. These solutions also tell you about the best capabilities of all the employees. So, you can reshuffle the group according to your needs. This activity allows you to delegate tasks as per your requirements and achieve expected results more effectively. Not only helps improve organizational performance, but the best EMS software also increases employee satisfaction levels because they know that their performance will be appreciated. Last but not least, you can reduce the pressure on managers, supervisors, and other administrative staff that they bear to generate results with productivity monitor software. When their workload is managed, they think more positively about organizational goals because they do not need to involve themselves in tedious employee evaluations. So they can spend their time on more productive tasks that will ultimately benefit the organization.


The ability of an organization, team, or employee to produce more output than input is known as work productivity. Nowadays, we can measure productivity efficiently by EMS software. It can form productivity reports and tells the productivity percentage of a team and all the individuals in it.

Work efficiency is the other term for work productivity. It means expenditure on a project is less, and the profit is more. Work efficiency is not solely dependent upon management; employees play an equal role in the productivity of a project.

The top three ways are as follows;

  1. You can give incentives to good performers, and as a result, others try to do better work.
  2. Transparent communication between management and employees.
  3. Install EMS that will provide feedback on productivity and rectify mistakes.

First, find out the pitfalls in your work and improve communication with subordinates. Divide work properly and give each person work according to his strength. Appreciate the best performers and for encouragement pay them bonuses. Finally, install EMS in the systems, which will help you map the whole project. It will generate productivity reports, so you will know who is making mistakes.