Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy EMS


EMS – Employee Management System and its respective subsidiaries provide a web application to keep an eye on the workforce to make them effective, efficient, and productive during office hours. This privacy policy has been designed to implement all the information that we collect from our clients. This privacy policy is also applied to all our products or services, which EMS offers to its valuable clients via or our web application. Engaging with EMS through social media pages, coordinating with our customer support staff, or otherwise contacting us also falls under this Privacy Policy. Unless otherwise stated below, this policy cannot be implemented to those activities and collection procedures that are performed when offline. This privacy policy will not apply to all activities that are outside of EMS services and sites.


As these services at EMS are provided by staying in the United States, all the laws of the land will be implemented. For this Privacy Policy and references to the United States, it is necessary to mention that clients from all over the world can approach us. For that, they must follow all the laws and regulations defined by the Government of the United States of America.

The Use of Personal Information

EMS maintains some specific policies to keep the personal privacy of all our valued users protected. EMS asks for personal information to permit the users to get access to help them avail of all the services, benefits, and technical support that we offer to our registered users. This personal information is used to send special offers and company notices to our users.


By submitting all your information while using the EMS website, you agree that EMS can use it to transfer, store, and process for providing you the required features. It is the confirmation that EMS uses this particular information in any of the specific countries where EMS is located or its subsidiaries and affiliates maintain an office to provide EMS services and features given on the EMS website.


EMS also has the right to collect information related to the usage of the website. For example, EMS can access the information that tells the management about specific services and the website users who come on a specific service page. EMS uses this information without identifying any specific user. It means that EMS collects information in aggregate form. EMS uses this information to analyze, market, or promote the website and services.


EMS keeps your personal information protected.

EMS collects personal information from its users in a classified form. It means that all your information is classified. EMS protects your user center account in numerous ways.

Here are the particular ways to keep your information protected:

  • You can use your account by providing a unique customer ID and password.
  • EMS keeps your record on a secure server. This server is accessible only to the selected individuals who belonged to EMS.
  • EMS keeps your personal information in encrypted form to keep unauthorized individuals and parties away from it.
  • We Recommend that the Client must monitor and delete Personal Information screenshots on daily basis. So, they cannot be saved on our server for any kind of data breach. 
  • Get a written consent signed from clients, so nobody can use personal information of the company via EMS for their personal benefits. 
  • Last but not least is that EMS recommends that you must not share your password with anyone else.


EMS takes no responsibility for all those privacy policies or content that is available on any other website, even when you find the hyperlink of that particular website or company on the EMS site. Before using these websites, we advise you to read their privacy policies and terms of services to understand how to use those particular websites. Furthermore, EMS has all rights to change, modify, update, remove, or restore account information of any particular information that it receives. EMS Inc. is not responsible for any Data Breach that is done via screenshots or with any other means using Employee Monitoring System (EMS). 

Patents & intellectual property

EMS Inc. protects all that proprietary information by relying on copyrights, confidentiality agreements, patent rights, contractual provisions, trade secret and trademark laws, and all those similar rights and laws that are related to EMS technology platform and website.

Issued Patent(s)

To date, the official authorities have issued some particular patents to EMS Inc. You can find these issued patents by contacting EMS by using the Contact Us Page.