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Make Your Employees More Efficient & Productive by Using Employee Monitor System

Make Your Employees More Efficient & Productive by Using Employee Monitor System

Employee Monitor System (EMS) allows you to enhance productivity, monitor your employees, and manage time through a cloud-based activity monitoring solution. So, whether thinking about employee monitoring software or an employee management solution, EMS is your answer.

Here are some Employee Monitor System Features:

Live Monitoring
Productivity Reports
Activity Log
Alarm Triggers
Make Your Employees More Efficient & Productive by Using Employee Monitor System

How Employee Monitor System Enables Your Employees to Perform Well?

Monitoring all employees around the clock has never been easier for businesses. However, the best EMS, a cloud-based monitoring solution, can do it for you. This way, you can create an environment where productivity matters.

Live Monitoring

  • View your employees live
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Monitor employees' activities


  • Websites/Keywords
  • USB/Software Download
  • Copy Paste/File Attachment

Employees Productivity

  • Block Unproductive websites
  • Generate Popups on Violation
  • Track employee browsing history

Web Browsing History

  • Block Unproductive websites
  • Generate Popups on Violation
  • Track employee browsing history


  • Screenshots with user details
  • Set Screenshots time intervals
  • Restriction Violation Screenshots

Installed Software List

  • Software installation date
  • Define Software Functionality
  • Total Number of Software Installed

Alarm Triggers

  • Implement alarms at all levels
  • Generation of warning popups
  • Triggering alarm on rule violations

Roles Management

  • Create Roles
  • Assign Roles to web users
  • Assign Permissions to roles

Activity Log

  • View Total Worktime
  • Daily Working Details
  • View Employee Daily Activities


  • Log in/Log out details
  • Daily Attendance Report
  • Total work time & idle time

Project Management

  • Budget Allocation
  • Create New Project
  • Assign projects to teams

Daily Reports

  • Print Reports
  • Generate Email Reports
  • Employees' metrics of the day

Why is Employee Monitor System Necessary?

Increase employee productivity

Make better business decisions

Make your office more organized

Expect better workforce performance? Implement Employee Monitor System

Expect better workforce performance? Implement Employee Monitor System

Using Employee Monitor System means your employees can work more efficiently, produce results more effectively, and develop an environment that suits them and the employer. With an employee monitoring system offered by EMS, you can keep an eye on all your employees and improve overall organizational performance.

When using Employee Monitor System, you can get the following benefits:

Daily Productivity Reports
Minimize Idle Timings
Daily Activity Logs
Kick out Idlers
Quick Alarm Notifications
Join Free

Have some questions in your mind about EMS? Explore our FAQ section!

Managing employees and the workforce has always been an uphill task that you can artistically improve only with Employee Monitor System. It is the best for all, whether a small business or startup, medium enterprise, or corporate. With an employee monitor system, you can track all your employees without spending much time and money. Our EMS software is available for all businesses regardless of your employees. It enables enterprises to keep an eye on both remote and in-house employees' computer usage. Monitoring software is used by employers to spot insider threats, monitor staff productivity, and learn more about employee performance. Companies can make use of a range of monitoring tools, including:

  • Time Tracking
  • Insider Threat Detection
  • Keystroke Logging
  • Stealth Mode
  • GPS Tracking
  • Remote Worker Help
  • Network Activity Monitoring

It is a simple task. You only need to click on the Login button given at the top of the screen. Here, the system asks you to log in. However, if you are a new user, it is essential to click on Sign Up. This click will take you to the registration page, and after providing all details, you can start using Employee Monitor System. We are with you all the time to assist you in using this application and resolve all the issues you face using Employee Monitor System.

Moreover, you can watch our demonstration of signing up Employee Monitor System, and with this assistance, it becomes a straightforward task to complete.

In this video, one of EMS's technical professionals demonstrates how to download and install the company's employee monitor software. After seeing this video, viewers can use employee monitoring software to keep an eye on and manage their workforce. This video is undoubtedly for you if you want to understand how to use EMS to monitor staff from a distance.

Yes, you can enjoy 14 Days free Trial after registering yourself on an EMS account. In this period, you will be able to avail all benefits that EMS has to offer. 

The application was created to meet the requirements of all workplaces. This application is suitable for all workplaces. So, whether you have a team of freelancers, in-house employees, and workers, run an enterprise where thousands of employees work, or multiple businesses at different locations, EMS provides you with all the required solutions.

Suppose employees know their performance is monitored by management and behavior using software for monitoring employees and software. In that case, they are less likely to waste their time on work-related activities. They know management monitors what they do with their time using employee monitoring software. Therefore, employees are likely to focus more and are less distracted, which boosts your company's overall productivity. EMS productivity tracking software helps keep employees active and focused during office hours.

EMS will take screenshots of your employee's desktop screen regularly. With screenshots, you'll be able to record exactly what you see on your screen. You can then share it with other people or refer to it later on using EMS software for monitoring employee activity. Making, saving, and sharing screenshots is beneficial using EMS efficiency monitoring programs. Some say screenshots are one of the top things on the web. It will allow you to discover whether your employees are performing effectively or not! For more information, check out our blog.

Yes, you can avail 14 days of trial for free after you have registered yourself for your EMS account. During this time, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits EMS offers.

Have some questions in your mind about EMS? Explore our FAQ section!

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