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    Why is employee morale important?

    A company is a space without employees, and boosting employee morale is necessary. Motivated employees will be more productive and win more projects that ultimately increase revenue.

    Who is responsible for keeping employee morale high?

    Management is responsible for motivating employees by methods like appreciation, giving freedom, good communication, realistic goals, providing opportunities, work-life balance, and secure jobs

    What kills morale in the workplace?

    Micromanagement is the foremost thing that kills morale. Secondly, biasedness and favoritism break employees’ hearts due to a lack of appreciation and not considering their efforts.

    Does low morale cause low productivity?

    Indeed, productivity depends on a person’s mental health, and one cannot perform well in a micromanaged and uncertain environment where bias and lack of recognition are common.

    How can you evaluate employees' morale?

    You can take feedback from your employees and hold surveys showing how much your employees are disappointed with the management. Moreover, employers can take low productivity as an alarm for low morale.

    How would you describe good morale?

    The company’s overall productivity accelerates when you see your employees working energetically. Then you will know that your employees’ morale is high and they are happy with their jobs.