Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions must be considered a legal agreement between the user and EMS. Here, using the company name, which is EMS, “we,” “our,” and “us” means EMS. This agreement governs all your non-exclusive, limited, and terminable rights that allow you to use our website and services mentioned on this website or defined herein.
When you use our website or register as a user, you confirm that you are bound to follow all the terms and conditions given in this agreement along with the Privacy Policy and other policies presented on the EMS website without limitations.
Not agreeing with terms and conditions means you do not agree with us. In this case, you must not make an account on EMS and use any of the services mentioned here. Agreeing with these terms of service means that you have read it thoroughly, understood it, and are bound to follow these terms and conditions as a whole.
At EMS, we have all rights to change, amend, and update these terms when we think so. It is our sole discretion to implement new changes in terms and conditions without informing you. However, we have a plan to intimate all our users before any amendment in this agreement, but we are not bound to do so legally. However, we have mentioned the effective date at the top of this agreement and will update it when we implement updates.
All these dates will be effective on that particular date when you will start using the services of EMS or in the next 30 days after posting this agreement on the website, whichever date will come earlier. The modifications in this agreement will be effective when you use the services or website after the effective date. Using services or websites will constitute that you have accepted the agreement with all modifications.
These terms of services will be considered as an “Agreement.” All annexes that can be a legal and integral part of these terms of services will also be considered a part of this agreement that defines your relationship with EMS.
“Applicable Laws” are those particular laws that apply to EMS in the United States and all countries where the website and services users are located. All those laws will also be applicable and are made from time to time in these specific regions.
While talking about “Data” means the content, information, personal data, and confidential information related to your particular business. Moreover, all those information and data will also be a part of “Data” that may not be available to the public, including but not limited to that precise information concerning your child or parent company, processes, services and software, systems, business, as the case may be. Your business’s commercial and technical information will also be considered your data.
“Free Plan” is that particular Subscription Plan that EMS provides to its users free of cost.
The following definition is of “Identity Provider,” which means a specifically designed system entity responsible for creating, maintaining, and managing all your identity information for particular principals. This system is responsible for providing authentication services based on party applications, which work within distributed networks and federations.
“Service/s” means the services that EMS provides in the form of a software suite. In this suite, software and web and mobile applications are included. The services provided by EMS have been mentioned on the website.
“Site” means EMS website. All subdomains and pages of EMS websites will also fall in the “Site” category.
Subscriptions will be considered those services a user can access by subscribing himself.
On the other hand, a subscription plan is one of many packages through which he can use any of the services according to the plan.
Subscription Term means a specific time for EMS to provide the services according to the subscription. All these services are subject to adherence to this agreement to the undertaken obligations.
Except for EMS and the user, all individuals will be third parties, whether natural or legal.
The trial period is that specific period in which the user has free access to those specific services defined under EMS. This trial period has a specific period that is based wholly on the discretion of EMS. EMS has all rights to revoke these services when the management wants to do so.
User accounts are those particular accounts that are allowed by EMS to use services. It means all those login credentials you use to access the website or services with personal data associated with all the credentials to access the user account.
What are user accounts, how to access them, and what is related to disclosure?
First, it is necessary to register yourself with EMS to get all the benefits from the services that EMS provides. For that, you need to perform the following tasks:
Complete the registration form by providing all the details that are required.
Authentication is also required from an external identity provider
You also need to give EMS consent to allow you to access your personal data by providing the required details.
Here, it is necessary to mention that you must keep the credential confidential and secret. Try to avoid confidentiality from sharing. If someone gets unauthentic access to your account or you fail to get access to your account, we cannot be held responsible.
While talking about the workplace, it is a particular space where you automatically come after registering your account with EMS. This situation changes when someone else invites you to join EMS. In this case, you come to the workplace that that person owns. EMS allows you to create many workplaces according to your business requirement. You can govern these workplaces according to this specific agreement and the terms and conditions defined here.
If you use the services or website of EMS as an assigned person of a legal identity, you must create a separate workplace. As an agent of a legal entity, it is assumed at EMS that you are the entitled person allowed by the legal entity to do so. In this case, you and the legal identity are bound to follow the terms and conditions defined in this agreement.
At EMS, we, our employees, and contractors are allowed to access your account without your prior permission. It is for observing, maintaining, and providing support to you. It is also essential to keep your account secure and provide technical assistance and billing.
To keep your credentials secure and confidential when you become our partner, you must protect your data, personal information, login name, and password. It is totally and wholly your responsibility. When you find some breach in this regard, you must immediately inform EMS.
More importantly, EMS does not take any responsibility in the case of any breach or fraudulent activity at your workspace. Some may claim that everything has happened without their consent. Even in this scenario, EMS does not take any responsibility. Moreover, you will also face the circumstances, whether financial or legal, and EMS has no concern with it.
The subscription remains different for different workspaces. It depends on your plan, number of users, subscription terms, payment procedure and dates, and other things that EMS will define in the future.
Buying a specific subscription plan is your responsibility. It is up to you which services are needed and which plan suits you more. On our pricing page, you can find all subscription plans with included services and prices. These prices do not have VAT and other implementable taxes. For more details regarding these plans, feel free to contact us anytime.
EMS offers a trial period to understand all the plans and included features in every plan. After that, it depends on your preference and budget. EMS allows you to change or update your plan according to your convenience and preference. EMS also permits you to change your plan at any time. However, the best practice in this regard is to change it at the start of the month or at the time of fee submission. For that, you need to inform EMS before time.
EMS has all rights to change the terms and conditions of a specific plan, amend the features and services in any plan, or implement new fee charges. EMS will inform you 30 days before implementing changes in the subscription plan and prices.
Service Fees
EMS has designed subscription plans in such a way that against each plan, you need to pay service fees. These prices may vary as per the pricing policy made by EMS. These fees are according to the Subscription Plan, features and services included in this plan, subscription terms, and the number of users.
Subscription Terms, Conditions, and Renewal
Upon registration, you are eligible to start enjoying your trial period. The duration of this specially designed trial period depends on the activation time. EMS intimates you about the duration of trial time via email. After completing this period, you may go for any specific paid plan or continue with a free one.
After becoming a paid member after buying any of the subscription plans, you are allowed to choose specific subscription terms that are available to you among different options. This way, you can go for automatic billing and renewal of the Subscription Plan before the expiry date.
EMS informs you about subscription plans, terms, and renewal through email notifications. All emails are delivered to that specific email that you provided while ordering.
Service Availability
100% availability of all the services and websites is not always possible because, technically, it is not feasible. Therefore, under this agreement, you acknowledge it. However, it does not mean that EMS will not try to make it possible. All our efforts are to keep all the services and all the website functionalities available to you all the time.
Sometimes, there may be capacity, maintenance, and security issues, due to which we cannot provide you with all the services and features. Sometimes, EMS may face issues because it cannot implement any influence on third parties. Examples are electricity cut-offs and issues in public communication networks. In these situations, you may face a temporary suspension of services.
First, you cannot allow any third party to use our services or features. It means that you will not share services using a network connection except in specific situations mentioned in the terms and conditions, agreement, and subscription plans.
You have no right to access the EMS website and services to prepare or develop a competitive service or product. You cannot copy any of the feature, service, or website parts without prior permission given by EMS. Engineering the services or website is not allowed in any case. Moreover, you cannot duplicate, reproduce, sell, resell, or duplicate any services or portion of the EMS website.
The same rule will be implemented if text, page layout, image, trademark, form, logo, or anything else is available on the EMS website or in the services section. Rights of privacy, intellectual property rights, terms and conditions defined in this agreement, and any other information available on the EMS website will also fall in this category. It means that you cannot reuse, reproduce, copy, or engineer these but are not limited to the content or services available at EMS.
User Content
Under this agreement, you take responsibility for all the data, information, documents, data, images, videos, software, and all other materials you post on the EMS website or submit to EMS. In this way, EMS does not take any responsibility for the content that you have provided, posted, added, or submitted to EMS. Under this agreement, EMS has all rights to use, publish, display, submit, or present your content anywhere for marketing and making people aware of you and EMS services.
Proprietary Rights
Here, it is necessary to mention that all titles, rights, interests, content, and services that are a part of EMS are also the exclusive properties of EMS except as otherwise stated. According to this agreement, all the services and features available at EMS are temporarily available to you, and your access and use are limited.
In case of downloading or extracting any information while using services and features of EMS, you acknowledge that you will obscure or remove any notice, copyright, or legends available in such downloaded documents or any such information.
You acknowledge that EMS will have the right to access your specific data and information to perform services that EMS is providing to you. The rights, rules, interests, titles, and other related information given in this specific data will be your property.
EMS is bound to keep your data confidential, protected, and secure to keep it away from your competitors and other unauthorized individuals or parties. EMS has no right to disclose your data to any individual or party, whether authorized or unauthorized, without your prior permission. To make it possible and avoid any doubts raised in the future, EMS assures us that your data will be available to us only for a specific duration according to your subscription plan.
Limitation of Liability
EMS shall not be liable under any specific situation and circumstances for consequential, exemplary, incidental, or indirect damages while using our services or features. EMS shall not be responsible in case of any breach, whether related to warranty, contract, or any other damage or loss while using our services.
Data Retention
EMS keeps all your data and information secure by storing it at specific locations according to your subscription plan. When your subscription plan expires, data exceeds the expressly stated time frame, or EMS terminates you, the data will automatically be deleted from our storage, databases, and system.