How Productivity Monitoring Software Help to Track Remote Workers?

The Covid-19 Pandemic brought numerous issues and reasons of stress for the business owners and managers. This ambiguous situation changed the whole business concept, and now, many things that are practiced today are due to the pandemic.

During the pandemic, the companies reacted differently and according to their mindset. Some companies suffered a lot due to the war inside the organization. Many fired most of their employees because they were not ready to bear the expenses due to total blockade. However, we can give numerous names that dealt with the situation through creativity, self-discipline, and motivation. They started working without thinking much about their availability in the office or at home. In this situation, cloud-based monitoring tools like productivity monitoring software helped them explore new markets and generate revenues.

Why is working from home popular in 2021?

Working from home is not a new concept, and many companies have been utilizing freelancers and remote workers for over a decade. Previously, some companies were not using these employees because they thought this technique could expose their team, ethics, work environment, techniques, managerial processes, and performance. With that, the risk of virus attack was also there. However, due to the pandemic, even these companies are forced to engage remote employees.

Factually, it is not the only reason, as companies have learned that there is always a solution to manage the situation. The business experts have informed them about the benefits of employee monitoring software to monitor all employees, in which remote workers are also included.

Both remote workers and their management are difficult to handle, especially when the managers and remote workers cannot collaborate and communicate effectively. If the management wants to give feedback, a remote employee needs assistance in a specific task, or team members share their experiences in completing a specific task, communication and collaboration are a must. With manual communication, you can waste a lot of time. It is where you need productivity monitoring software. The reason is that all the documents are available on the cloud or at a centralized server. The application allows you to communicate directly in real-time and get and receive feedback instantly.

However, to understand monitoring computer activities through software, we explore the best free EMS software benefits.

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1. Transparent and flexible procedures

Transparency becomes important if you want to develop trust among all employees that helps boost productivity. When the employees know that they are monitored only to keep the productivity up and complete the projects in time, they feel comfortable and help their management achieve organizational goals. This transparency also keeps the employees informed about the pits and hardships their management has been facing. When they understand it, they give their 100% to help their organization come out of trouble.

Remote working can create issues of social isolation. Remote workers face mental health issues because they do not go out much to relax their minds. When it happens, remote workers can perform below average. The management can deal with this situation by giving them flexibility in managing their tasks. Productivity monitoring software helps the management in this cause by monitoring productivity and managing it accordingly.

2. You need to hire the right people

It is a must. Hiring the right people for the right job at the right team plays a significant role in developing brilliance, efficiency, and self-discipline among employees. Hiring the right individual brings target orientation and motivation among other team members that help achieve optimum productivity.

3. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Factually, business growth is directly proportional to productivity. If you can perform well in improving productivity, the ultimate result will be business growth. However, the companies need to implement key performance indicators to monitor both in-house and remote employees. With that, they also need to use employee monitoring software to observe overall performance with time management. It is the only way that keeps employees engaged in productive tasks and manages their time effectively.

Overall, these are the most relevant key performance indicators the management can use to monitor the activities of remote workers:

4. Sales per sales representative

It gives the estimated sales per month to the management. In this way, the company can calculate productivity. This indicator tells the management about all sales representatives and their average performance. In this way, the management also learns the sales capacity of each remote employee.

When you know, as a manager, about the best and worst sales representatives, you can calculate average sales. You can ask low performers the reasons behind this low performance and implement KPI if it is required. It also helps you examine other factors like experience, motivation level, customer base, seniority, and available resources that affect the sales of every individual.

5. Revenue per sales agent

This KPI can have numerous factors. Sometimes, a remote employee with a large number of sales but with small revenues can be beneficial. However, if another employee closes only a few sales but generates big revenues, he can be more beneficial for the company. It depends because sometimes, you need customers to develop your brand reputation. In another scenario, the company expects huge revenues where a remote employee with high revenues can be the best.

When you have the best free EMS software, you can monitor sales of both types of revenues and send instructions accordingly to both. So, an employee activity monitoring software can update you about the performances of each employee in real-time.

Conversion Rate

Making leads is something different from converting them into a customer. So, to develop a balance between the two, the management needs to compare leads and conversion. This KPI helps the management understand the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales team. It also tells the percentage of overall lead to conversion rate. In this way, the company can also forecast future sales.

Some other KPIs are used with the best free EMS software to monitor remote employees. We have mentioned these KPIs here:

  • Lead conversion rate after calculating the leads received from the website
  • Overall engagement and return on marketing investment (ROMI)
  • Call volume
  • Customer satisfaction rate
  • Annual turnover rate (employee-based)
  • Profit turnover rate
  • Expense turnover rate

Engage your employees to allow them to share their innovative ideas.

To check the creativity and innovation in your employees, you need to put up a curious question to get answers from them. It tells about their minds, whether they are clear in their thoughts about the organization or are ambiguous. It also helps the managers get new ideas and implement them to improve overall organizational structure and performance. More importantly, you need to involve remote workers in this activity via an effective communication channel. It helps them develop an attachment with company goals and objectives.

The statistics confirm that remote workers are less disciplined. Furthermore, they are not much aware of the company environment and culture. These types of activities help them understand all these features of the organization. In this way, they can attach themselves to the organization and help achieve organizational goals and objectives. With that, the management also needs to send them consistent feedback against their work. You can also ask for their feedback to remove doubts that may develop in their mind at home.


employee monitoring software
employee monitoring software


Implement productivity monitoring software to take remote employees on board.

According to the experts, implementing these tools can affect the overall performance. It especially affects remote employees because they may think that there is a trust deficit. However, with continuous discussion, you can address all their concerns.

Overall, employee monitoring software provides the following features to track employees:

  • Automated time tracking
  • Idle time Tracking
  • Offline Time Tracking
  • Automated Screenshot
  • App/URL Tracking
  • Absence Calendar

All these features with additional ones offered by the best EMS software make employees disciplined and effective. It helps them understand how other employees are performing and how they can reach that particular level. It can further save them from demotivation and procrastination. Furthermore, they can contribute to boosting performance and increasing revenues.

Our judgment

Productivity means good performance during office hours. You are not right if you think that the employees perform well only when they are tired off while leaving office. It would be best to keep them motivated through support, good gestures, motivation, and appreciation. When you do so, the employees trust you and give you your expected results, even in productivity monitoring software.


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