Pros and Cons For Productivity Monitoring Tools & How to Resolve

Monitoring the computer activities of your employees can be tricky. Sometimes, using these monitoring tools can become a headache, especially when employees think their privacy has been compromised. Using monitoring tools becomes more complicated when remote workers show hesitance in accepting it. Therefore, the managers need to develop confidence among employees by showing them that an invisible red line has been defined.

Like it or not, companies still have some concerns and questions about productivity monitoring software. The monitoring and tracking experts have already written hundreds of articles to answer these concerns. However, many business owners are not satisfied until now. They do not know how much they can monitor and what are the limitations of employee monitoring software. They also find difficulties in balancing their needs, software features, and their employees’ expectations.

All the above-described issues make business owners conscious before installing employee activity monitoring software. And some of the concerns of the employees have also been mentioned above. So, You need to download free EMS software.

Table of Content

1. Tips for How Many Ways to Track Your EMS Tools

     1.1. Improve Employee Performace Through EMS

     1.2 Control Your Expense Through EMS

2. Tips for Real Considerable Benefits

3. 6 Tips to Resolve Issues Related to Employee

4. How to Find the Right Balance?

5. Conclusion

Tips For How Many Ways to Track Your Employees Working Through Monitoring Tools

Technology has provided many sophisticated ways for companies that help them track their employees. For example, they can install a high-definition camera and wristbands to map out movement, intelligent devices, time tracking systems, and GPS. It means that companies have numerous opportunities to track their employees, observe their behavior, and monitor their performance.

However, the issue is the trickiness, which is involved when using employee monitoring software. Factually, using the best EMS software is quite challenging due to numerous reasons. For example, employees do not have a good perception of these solutions. They think that the management is trying to develop unnecessary pressure on them. They wrongly believe that accepting these solutions means that they are compromising their privacy. So, the administration must balance the whole situation.

Another issue is that there is no culture of monitoring through software. While talking about the employers’ concerns, they think that this system can be costly for them. Furthermore, they are not sure about the security of these monitoring tools.

Improve Employee Performace Through Monitoring Tools

Despite the questions, concerns, and issues related to productivity monitoring software and finding the right balance to keep employees satisfied, it is for sure that these monitoring tools provide numerous benefits. When business owners read about the benefits, they easily seduce and start thinking about digital monitoring. They understand the value of compliance, security, and improved performance that employee monitoring software provides.

Control Your Expense and Increase Revenue Through Monitoring Tools

When productivity improves, it is evident that the company starts generating more revenues. In this way, the company can also start thinking about its protection. A study says that a company with 500 employees can save about one million dollars in a year while using employee activity monitoring software. It happens when a company is monitoring computer activities for only half an hour a day. So, we can easily say that the best free EMS software helps control expenses and increase revenues for a free trial sign-up now.

Tips for Real Considerable Benefits of Monitoring Tools (Pros and Cons)

Until now, we have discussed some real and considerable benefits of using productivity monitoring software. However, the issue associated with employee activity monitoring software is that the management can lose the trust and engagement of the employees while using these monitoring tools. So, the gain in productivity is balanced with the loss in productivity due to demotivated employees.

Employee engagement and trust are the assets of the company. However, both these features are more compromised when employees know that using employee monitoring software means that they have compromised their privacy. When they are continuously monitored and their company is behaving like a “Big Brother,” they lose their confidence and morale.

According to a survey, many freelancers, content writers, SEO experts, and digital marketing specialists think in the same direction. When they are monitored and know it, they cannot perform to their maximum skills. Here are some real effects on their performance due to the best EMS software:

  • The employees start thinking about leaving the job.
  • They can be under tremendous stress during office hours.
  • Many employees who stop experimenting with new things are forced into identical working habits.
  • Their morale remains at the bottom which can increase turnover.

If any of the above-described issues has been established among your employees, you have destroyed your company culture. To overcome this issue, it is a must for the managers to remain connected with their employees, examine productivity monitoring software, and resolve problems of the employees if they have due to monitoring computer activities.

6 Tips to Resolve Issues Related to Employee

For that, the managers need to ask the following questions to their employees:

  1. Do we cross the red line associated with your activities through monitoring tools?
  2. Have we shared a solid ethical framework with you related to your privacy?
  3. Is the communication between the management and employees transparent?
  4. Did we make your breaks a part of your productivity or not?
  5. Is our employee monitoring software beneficial?
  6. Do we need the best EMS software?

The above discussion has confirmed that employee monitoring software is beneficial only when you have taken your employees into confidence. If they know why you have incorporated the best EMS software in the organization, and they will be secure in its presence, they will welcome it. Conversely, they can become demotivated, which can be devastating for the organization.

How to Find the Right Balance?

We have discussed all the pros and cons of monitoring tools. So, we can manage the situation as a manager more effectively. However, before everything, business owners need to finalize whether they want tracking or not. When they confirm that monitoring computer activities has become essential, the managers need to negotiate with all employees and remote workers.

So, as a manager, you need to consider the following things before considering the implementation of the best EMS software:

  • Employee monitoring should be according to the company’s legitimate business interest.
  • The monitoring tool should not violate the privacy of any employee as committed.
  • You need to develop a well-written policy that should also be shared with all your employees.
  • Written consent of all the employees must be available to you with their signature.
  • The use of employees’ data related to their activities must be treated confidentially.

Overall, it means that your employees must be happy with your monitoring activities. If they have any concerns, the managers need to discuss them with them in detail. Another crucial aspect is that the managers must not rely totally on productivity monitoring software and use other sources to evaluate employees.

First of all, you need to develop an open and transparent communication channel. Here, all can discuss their issues and concerns and give feedback. Second, you need to provide real opportunities to all your employees to grow within the organization. Third, provide the required training and learning opportunities for professional growth. Last, it would be best if you offer them market-competitive salaries. We assure you that these activities will provide you with the balance you are searching for while implementing employee monitoring software.


Finally, we need to understand that the employees can be seduced and persuaded only through incentives and benefits. So, when you have decided to use productivity monitoring software, you also need to consider some essential things to develop employees’ trust.