How to Boost Employee Morale After Monitoring them Via EMS?

Many types of employee monitoring software are available to companies to help keep an eye on employee performance and productivity. However, it has been observed generally that employees do not like this monitoring. So, when they find that the best free EMS software or paid productivity monitoring software has been deployed in the organization, they feel themselves under pressure. It means that these solutions can damage their overall morale to contribute towards the development of the organization.

People do not like to be monitored, whether by hiring a supervisor or implementing EMS software. In many cases, the managers find that monitoring through software can create a negative impact as well. Therefore, it is necessary to understand as a company to keep employees’ morale high throughout their office time even in the presence of employee monitoring software.

Here, we will discuss why employee activity monitoring software damages the morale of the employees and how you can prevent:

Why use employee monitoring software?

Globally, the use of EMS software has increased a lot since the start of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Many companies needed to incorporate the best free EMS software initially. However, when the management found it suitable to monitor their employees, they started thinking about the paid versions.

As many companies are still working remotely or hiring freelancers, they think that having software for monitoring computer activities is a must. Therefore, more than 60% of the companies in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand have now incorporated these solutions in their systems.

Additionally, many other companies have also started thinking about these monitoring tools. It means that the time is near when most companies will be using this technology to keep an eye on their employees and their activities.


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What are the benefits of EMS software?

The EMS software providers use different forms and tables to calculate the employees’ work by choosing numerous metrics. When you install this software in a specific system, this solution will start tracking the activities. This system can monitor all the activities, which have been performed on the system, open applications, and other important aspects that are important for employers.

However, all the activities of these employee activity monitoring software depend on the employees. It is because these are the people who are going to be monitor. Let us give you an example here! An EMS calculates the time that an employee spends in front of the computer during office hours. It means that the management can calculate the time in which a specific employee completes a particular task.

Here, it is necessary to mention that some software solutions calculate the time automatically. On the other hand, some systems allow the employees to start and stop the timer when they think so. However, monitoring a specifically uses website tells the management about the productivity and interests of an employee. It also helps Managers understand the time, which is require by an employee to fulfill his assign duties by using these solutions. In this way, the employers find it convenient to bill the clients accordingly.

It works Professionally

The most important aspect of this discussion is that productivity monitoring software works professionally, and there is no ambiguity in the processes. However, we have observed that no company is away from controversies relate with EMS software. Some studies confirm that more than 50% of the employees think that they cannot perform well in the presence of employee monitoring software. The business experts also confirm that there are flaws in the implementation of EMS software. They think in this way because they have observe that employee morale is affected in the presence of monitoring tools. Therefore, they think that the companies need to address the challenges that employees face due to employee activity monitoring software.

What are the challenges related to employee monitoring software?

Generally, employees love employee monitoring software. The dedicate employees know that these monitoring tools tell their efficiency to their employers. However, there may be some issues that can be observe in the workplace.

For example, a survey tells that only a few employees feel comfortable when they take their designate breaks during office hours. A huge number of employees, on the other hand, do not believe that the monitoring tools have been working efficiently. Mainly, freelancers and remote workers find employee monitoring software ineffective or below average. When it happens, they find themselves demoralized, which can be damaging for an organization.

Worryingly, many employees say that the management has not informed them about the working of employee monitoring software. More importantly, they do not know the rights that a specific productivity monitoring software gives them. It is because no one has told them about these rights. This ignorance or unawareness about the rights makes the employees demoralized. Therefore, it is the responsibility of an organization to tell the employees not only about the features of an employee activity monitoring software but also the rights that an EMS software gives to the employees.

Techniques to understand employee morale

The business experts and EMS software providers give some suggestions to the employers that can help them assuage the employee concerns and keep them motivated throughout their tenure with you. Here are these choices:

Be transparent

An organization must tell everything about employee monitoring software to all the employees. For example, the employees must be informed about the data that a specific monitoring tool collects and convert it into reports. Another important aspect is that the employees need to understand the metrics that you have implemented as an employer. You also need to tell them about the legitimate reason behind specific metrics and their benefits for the organization.

Explain its purpose

With that, you also need to explain every statistic that you monitor and generate results. If you incorporate the best free EMS software or its paid version to bill the clients properly, you also need to tell it. If there are other purposes, your employees must be informed about them.

Introduce EMS software in phases and slowly

Do not implement employee monitoring software haphazardly. Before implementing it, you need to make your employees relax and comfortable. It is because many employees start thinking that they are in front of CCTV cameras as criminals. Therefore, launch productivity monitoring software slowly by taking employees into confidence.

Tell the employees about their rights

When you tell your employees about their rights while using employee activity monitoring software, it develops confidence in their minds. With that, you also need to tell them about the ethical and monitoring value of these monitoring tools.

Listen to employee concerns efficiently and address them

Monitoring the computer activities of any individual can make him angry. Therefore, discuss this issue before the implementation of monitoring tools. Also, ask them about their feelings after being observed through software. This activity will make the employees confident and can feel that the management has been hearing their concerns.

Do not rely totally on employee activity monitoring software!

Many employees can feel after the introduction of productivity monitoring software that their efforts are not recognize. They observe that the management is relying only on the statistics. When it happens, the employees can become demoralize. They think that no one is examining the efforts they are putting into completing the assign tasks. Therefore, do not rely only on the software and keep monitoring your employees physically as well.

Productive and efficient employees must be appreciated and rewarded.

Using monitoring tools helps you identify productive employees. These tools also help you identify the performance of each employee. When you find the most productive employees, you must give them rewards to boost the morale of other employees. These rewards will help you develop acceptance of the monitoring tools among all the employees.

Do not measure performance by crushing employee morale!

The purpose of incorporating employee monitoring software is to improve workplace performance. However, if it is damaging employee morale, you do not need it. Generally, the managers know how their employees work under their supervision. They also know the flaws of all the employees separately. Therefore, we want to suggest that the best way to use EMS software is to get assistance from technology. It does not mean that you are allow to develop extra pressure on employees.

Concluding Remarks

Incorporating employee monitoring software is the right approach to improve workplace performance. However, you must not use it to develop extra pressure on employees and make them demoralize. Efficient workers are a need of the organization, but productive employees are an asset of the organization. Therefore, protecting good employees and keeping them motivate must be the ultimate aim of an organization.

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