How to Control Your Business Growth with Employee Monitoring Software?

Employee surveillance can be an invasion of privacy if not appropriately handled. At the same time, employee monitoring need not intrude on employee privacy if done correctly. The question is whether there is a need to control and monitor computers in the workplace. Many studies and facts show that it can be essential to control and monitor employees.

While we assume that most workers are honest and do not need supervision, many are dishonest at work. According to the 2001 National Retail Security Survey (USA), 45.9% of inventory losses are attributable to employee theft, far more than shoplifting, and in 2001 employees stole an estimated 15.243 billion of inventory in the workplace from their employees.

Employee use of the Internet seems to be a hot topic of discussion these days. HR departments and department heads pay more attention to their employees’ time at work are record on the computer. Human resources departments across the country have discover a new tool they’d like to use, and it’s called EMS Recorder software.

What employee monitoring software can do?

Employee monitoring software (or EMS recorder software) records every EMS your employee makes on the keyboard. The EMS recording software keeps track of all employee internet usage, whether it’s activity on Facebook or Myspace, checking personal email accounts, applying for new jobs, or even planning a vacation. Other top-rated sites with employees offer free online video games like Tetris, Pac Man, and many others.

They know which websites your employee uses will learn a lot about them and their behavior. Using the software to record EMSs also gives you an insight into the employee’s perspective on their job and ambitions. The EMS recorder software is beneficial at the managerial level and a valuable tool at the company level.

What You Can Learn About Your Employees Using Monitoring Software?

EMS recording software is invaluable for monitoring employee internet usage with a simple tool called Screenshot. The screenshot function shows you what your employees are chatting about, which pictures they are looking at and in which order they have access these pages. This can be useful when you are trying to figure out an employee’s behavior or find out why the computer system is behaving as if it has been compromise. The websites discover through the employee’s internet users can give you a clue of something lodged on your employee’s computer, be it a virus or some form of spyware.

Employee monitoring software can do more than reveal a lack of productivity

Using software to record EMSs can demonstrate more to HR than just a lack of productivity during the workday. Employee internet use can also be link to theft within the company. This software can determine whether someone is surfing the Internet and what the employee is doing when they look at files or even copy something to a data carrier. Employees knowledgeable about computers can even crack the code to transfer files to a remote computer. This software can be of great use to any business, including financial institutions.

Employee use of the Internet can be prevent by using software to record keyboard entries. Making employees aware that their internet use is being monitor can prevent them from using the Internet in the first place unless it is about work. You can improve your EMS recorder software by using tools that block Internet access for specific employees. Using the Internet can be helpful for those who work at the corporate level, so be sure to ask about them when choosing your EMS for monitoring computer activities.

Annual Market for these Employee Monitoring Software

There is a saying that the Internet is like any other community, and therefore the same thing that happens in the “real world” also happens on computers online. Consequently, we can assume that there are just as many problems and dishonesty among many employees on the Internet and in the corporate network as in real life. The Computer Security Institute (CSI) in San Francisco, which works with the FBI, has research computer security and illegal employee behavior and found that 90% of businesses have been affect by computer security breaches. Of the 45% that Having calculate the cost, the total cost was estimate at $ 455,848,000. Financial fraud and intellectual property theft were among the most costly losses 80% of the companies surveyed suffer financial losses relate to their employees.

Other Benefits

People’s belief in cybercrime is similar to faith in sexual and violent crimes. Most people concern about sex offenders and sex crimes are more afraid of falling victim to violence by strangers. The facts tell us that in most sexual and violent crimes, the victim knows the perpetrator. The same applies to the security of corporate networks. Most of the attention is paid to the hackers and computer criminals who attack the system from the outside. However, the fact is that employees commit 70-80% of all computer crimes against their employers. These are Often, for example, unlawful use of the corporate network and Internet connection by downloading pornography, illegal material and misuse of the email system.

How well can it do in the USA market?

We can look at more facts that show how much the Internet can affect the honesty and productivity of workers in the workplace. It is estimate that up to 75% of a company’s bandwidth is used for personal activities on the Internet. On average, 30 minutes a day is spent on personal internet use at work, and more is often lost. It is estimate that the US $50 billion is lost every year just playing on the corporate network.

Is it necessary to control the company’s computers and employee monitoring? At the very least, these results suggest that companies are at risk of significant losses from fraud, intellectual property theft, illegal downloads, sexual harassment, and loss of productivity if they fail to monitor their employees in some way and somehow control online behavior at work and block. Businesses need to educate themselves about the risks and establish guidelines and methodologies for emailing, chatting, gaming, etc.

It can work as a Surveillance system for your company

When considering employee activity monitoring software for your business, consider time consumption and water and fire damage. These can be devastating events that have ruined many a company. However, if they are detect early by a monitoring system, such a result is doubtful.

How can these productivity monitoring softwires help your business?

Unfortunately, business owners don’t just have to fear outside intruders. Employee theft is a growing problem. These include stealing goods or money for yourself, as well as giving freebies to friends and relatives. Some employees even go so far as to open their own business with the stolen goods.

With employee monitoring software, the owner can keep an eye on their business from the comfort of their own home. Simple recording and playback make checking a specific time a breeze. Both criminals and employees are more likely to deter theft if they know a camera is watching them. It works!

If you are a business owner, consider the risks to your business, weighing the small investment in a computer video camera system against the genuine possibility of theft. For most business owners, it should be a brilliant investment.

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