Why Do Small and Medium Enterprises Need the Employee Monitoring Software?

  • September 13, 2021
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To track employees’ activities, top companies use employee monitoring software. It is a program that offers numerous features including, time tracking, computer monitoring, productivity level tracking, and proof of work.

Small and medium enterprises have not started using this monitoring software largely. The reason is that they think that they do not need such software at the moment. They also observe that their organizations consist of only a few people. In some cases, they also engage remote workers, but they are also few in numbers.

Factually, productivity monitoring software is useful for all types of companies, whether small or large. These monitoring tools are the best for those organizations where remote workers are engaged. Another important aspect is that you cannot track and monitor all your in-house employees all the time via a supervisor or manager. You can improve productivity only when you use some monitoring software. Sometimes, you also go for the best free EMS software.

The owners of SMEs also have some other concerns. They do not know much about the legality and morality of employee monitoring software. Here, it is necessary to tell them these tools are legal almost everywhere in the world except only a few countries. However, there may be some deficiencies in the rules and regulations of a specific country. So, to get special consent before implementing employee activity monitoring software, you can discuss this issue with your lawyers.

However, in any case, no company can ignore the benefits of using tracking tools to monitor computer activities. You may be some of those people who do not know much about these benefits. So, look at the Top 5 Benefits of the best EMS software for small and medium enterprises (SMEs)!


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1. Security

According to a survey conducted in 2017, data breaches in small and medium enterprises were 61% of the total offenses in the businesses. Generally, the companies with less than 1000 employees are considered small and medium enterprises.

Another crucial point is that mainly, the employees are involved in data breaches. If you think that you are secure enough to avoid these data breaches, we need to mention that even tech giants, like Yahoo and Uber, also became the victims of data breaches.

You can track your employees and their activities quite effectively with employee activity monitoring software. In this way, you can stop any malicious threats. It simply means that you can keep your employees away from all those sensitive materials that can be breached. You can also identify those employees who try to download sensitive materials in real-time and manage the situation more intelligently.

All we know is that data leaks and damages can be very costly. So, no company should be worried about the costs of productivity monitoring software. Here, it is necessary to mention that monitoring computer activities is not expensive.

2. Increasing Productivity

The studies confirm that in an 8-hour shift after excluding one hour break as generally, the total working hours are nine, the employees spend 1.5 to three hours in private activities. It means about 25% to 40% of the total time can be spent reading news, exploring social media pages, shopping, and doing private activities.

The reality is that employees cannot be productive in every single minute of office hours. The companies can bear it to some extent. However, if the performance is below par and the productivity target is not being achieved, they need to start thinking.

The best solution to improve productivity in the current world is introducing productivity monitoring software in the organization. The studies and surveys confirm that the small and medium enterprises have improved their performance a lot.

What is the reason behind it? Well, employee monitoring software works as a deterrent. When employees know that the management will monitor them through software, they feel pressure. They think that the management can ask for the performance. In this case, they can face the consequences. In this way, the management plays a psychological game with the employees and generally wins.

3. Saving Money

Time is an asset that you must not waste in any case as a business.

So, if your employees are wasting time, you cannot generate the profits that you deserve. So, when you monitor the computer activities of your employees, you can improve productivity levels in your company.

Here, we want to mention that not only your employees can waste your time, repetitive actions, unnecessary revisions, and slow software can also affect your productivity.

However, here we are discussing the contribution of productivity in generating profits. So, if you want to save money and earn more revenues by improving employees’ productivity, you need the best EMS software, whether free or paid.

More interestingly, employee monitoring software helps you save time in many other ways. These tools tell you about the performance of each of your projects. You can observe those projects where your team is putting up less effort in real-time. So, you can push your team to those projects where more results are required.

By using employee activity monitoring software, you can calculate the total office hours of an employee more effectively. In this way, calculation of payroll amounts becomes speedy that also saves your time. Top productivity monitoring software provides a payroll calculator that gives you the results immediately.

4. Quality Control

Quality control is one of the most important departments in small and medium enterprises. The reason is the value of customer satisfaction for these small companies. Therefore, the management tries to keep an eye on all emails and business calls to observe whether your customer support team is dealing with the queries effectively or not.

However, using the best EMS software means you can monitor emails, messages, and other written material that your marketing team sends to prospects and existing customers. In this case, if there is any deficiency, you can rectify it efficiently.

5. Employee Monitoring Software benefits the employees.

The employees always show concerns when the management tries to convince them about monitoring computer activities. They think that the company does not trust them, and therefore, it has planned to introduce productivity monitoring software. However, the reality is that employee activity monitoring software benefits the employees.

Let us discuss how!

If you are a good employee and give your 100%, we assure you that monitoring tools will give your reputation a boost in the organization. It is because it records what you do in front of the computer. And if you are putting in your maximum efforts, you will be eligible to win bonuses, salary increments, allowances, and commissions. However, you can blame your management if you are not appreciated even after employee monitoring software considers you a good performer.

For small and medium enterprises, the presence of productivity monitoring software helps you differentiate between good and bad performers. So, when you appreciate good employees by giving them incentives, bad employees will also try to achieve the target. And if this healthy competition develops among employees, you will be the ultimate beneficiary.

Final Thoughts and Tips

Until now, you have understood the value of employee monitoring software for small and medium enterprises. We are hopeful that you have made your mind about using these monitoring tools to improve employees’ performance and rectify errors or deficiencies in operational activities and organizational processes.

However, it is necessary to mention that properly implementing productivity monitoring software and your professional conduct can help you achieve your target. If you do not do so, we warn you that it can backfire.

So, before introducing employee monitoring software in your organization, take time to understand the processes, develop trust about these tools among employees, and select the best EMS software according to your budget and requirements.

Another crucial point is to define all productive and unproductive tasks clearly. All those websites, applications, and other tools should be mention for each necessary employee. It helps you identify non-productive websites and applications. With that, you also need to collect those credentials, confidential files and documents, and other important websites, which will be restrict to specific employees. Last but not least is to define the roles and responsibilities of all employees and managers. It will help you give permissions to all employees accordingly.


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