What to Consider While Buying Employee Monitoring Software?

Doubts about remote working in the minds of the businesses are pretty long. The management thinks that remote workers and freelancers perform below average because there is no direct check on their performance. Many business owners have experienced that in-house employees generate more fruitful results for the organization. However, the Covid-19 Pandemic made them dependent on freelancers. They made every effort to find a solution to keep an eye on their remote workers in this situation. Here, they got the opportunity to use employee monitoring software and found it beneficial for the organization.

Here, many people may generate a question about the working of employee monitoring software. This question becomes relevant to those companies that pay on an hourly basis and do not know whether their employees are spending time completing tasks or enjoying Netflix. To address these questions, the managers and employers are always in search of a solution. Here, we want to mention that installing tracking tools can be the perfect solution.

What does productivity monitoring software work for the organization?

Monitoring software keeps tracking in-house and remote employees all the time during in-office hours. It means that you can get insight into the work lives of all types of your employees. However, on behalf of employees, the experts think that productivity monitoring software can exceed the boundaries and cross the limits related to micromanagement. To address all these concerns, we have discussed monitoring software and its need for the organization.

So, keep reading this article to understand the need for employee activity monitoring software.

Employee monitoring software to address all types of business needs

Many companies use these employee monitoring tools to warn the employees that they are monitored. In this way, they ensure that their employees do not waste time in non-productive activities. It is because companies think that wasting time means wasting money and resources. While monitoring computer activities of different types, you can go for any available solution according to your requirements. Here, we will discuss it in detail:

Some solutions providers allow you to download employee monitoring tools virtually after paying a nominal monthly or annual subscription fee. Some solutions are based on the self-report system. These solutions are suitable for the employees to record their activities during business hours. They can share this information with their employers as proof.


Employee Monitoring Software


Top Features of an employee activity monitoring software

Let us look into the features that are generally included in employee monitoring software:

All the monitoring solutions are equipped with employee time clocks. By using this feature, the management knows the login and logout times of the employees.

Another important tool is website tracking that tells the management about the websites and social media pages, which a specific employee has visited during office hours.

A keystroke tracking tool is that particular tool that records keystrokes per hour. In this way, it calculates the average of all employees. This feature ensures that employees remain in front of their system during office hours.

There are screenshot apps as well in productivity monitoring software. These apps take random pictures of employee monitors to identify what is being performed on a specific system.

Some solutions also provide the option to access private conversations of an employee, especially when he is not showing attention towards official or professional calls.

The above-described features tell us that there is a huge difference between manual supervision and using technology to record all employees’ activities. In both ways, monitoring is possible, but the issue is that managers cannot observe their workforce all the time. By using productivity monitoring software, it becomes possible for organizations to observe their employees all the time. After that, they can prepare a figurative report with all the details of an employee to examine his performance.

Is constant employee monitoring possible?

No employer wants a time waste of even one minute. No business owner in the world appreciates that his employees have been using social media throughout the day or remain distracted generally. However, persistent monitoring can also create a negative impact. Moreover, when a manager is observing the employees, he may lose attention in focusing on other important tasks. Therefore, manual monitoring is not a solution in the 21st century.

The business experts recommend employee monitoring software to manage this situation more accurately. With this system, the businesses can keep their managers and supervisors free that helps them engage in other productive tasks. More interestingly, the employees can perform even better with this system because the fear of the management can be minimized.

Productivity does not remain constant

The reality is that even active employees cannot be productive all the time. Generally, the employees spend about six hours out of eight working hours in productive activities. Another critical point is that productivity can be seen in the completion of tasks. We claim it because some workers look busy but do nothing or less. We know that many of our employees remain in front of their system for the whole shift. However, their productivity is average. On the other hand, some employees are smart enough to show that they remain busy in office corridors, but their performance remains better than the remaining staff.

The above discussion confirms that manual or digital monitoring is the solution. Therefore, with employee monitoring software and physical supervisors, there is also a need for employee morale. So, keep monitoring normal and without pressure tactics. In this way, the confidence will remain higher, and you will get the results nearer to your expectations.

Are reports generated by employee monitoring software accurate?

It has been observed that the reports generated through many employee monitoring solutions are not entirely accurate. The experts think that it is because, mainly, employee monitoring software does not integrate properly with other tools.

An example is the use of social media on a specific system. It becomes more complicated when we try to observe unproductive social media use on a system of marketing individuals. The reason is that marketing representatives and social media experts remain online to coordinate with the prospects on social media and promote brands there. These productivity monitoring tools also find it difficult to examine Zoom calls. Some employees use it to read some specific articles that the management has mentioned to read to improve skills.

Therefore, some companies claim that they have not got the benefits due to which they partner with a specific employee activity monitoring software. This situation has made the service providers more anxious, and they have introduced some features that can work more specifically on these kinds of issues. However, these solutions are expensive at the moment. Only large organizations and corporations can afford this software, which can monitor computer activities more precisely.

Can monitoring computer activities help save your time?

The last question related to productivity monitoring is about a manager’s time to monitor his team activities during office hours. Here, we want to mention that not only do the employees spend time in unproductive activities. The experts have observed that managers also waste time tracking their employees’ activities and reviewing the reports.

So, is it better to observe the employees around the clock or spend time on other productive tasks?

To answer this question, we think that managers can perform some more important and productive activities than watching the activities of the employees during their office hours. Time is the most important thing in any organization. So, if management is involved in unproductive activities, like employee monitoring, opportunity costs can increase. And in some cases, the loss in this way can be bigger than the loss that employees provide to your organization.

The above discussion has confirmed that employee monitoring software is very important for the organization. It helps the managers involve themselves in other productive activities and check employees for productivity monitoring software.

Final Words

We can confirm after this discussion that employee activity monitoring software is beneficial for organizations in many ways. However, until today, we cannot claim that is the right solution. The best benefit of using these monitoring tools is that you can improve the overall performance of the employees. With that, you also need to compare the costs born by you while using employee monitoring software and the benefits. If you find that you have improved the performance of the employees without creating ambiguity and hassle in their minds, you must go for one of the best monitoring tools in the market.

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