Top 8 Workplace Trends to follow in 2022

The Covid-19 Pandemic has changed the business world tremendously. It has also affected the latest business trends. These business trends have defined a new status quo for the businesses and will continue for the years to come. More importantly, these trends have created many issues for managers. They are scrambling to find the right solutions to keep their organizations productive, attractive to their customers, and competitive to deal with their competitors comprehensively.

Although using productivity monitoring software is also a new trend, it has become critical for any organization. Therefore, we will not discuss this trend in our discussion. Our focus in this article will be on those workplace trends that a business needs to follow to remain competitive after the pandemic. More interestingly, you do not need to follow all these trends, as some of them will be suitable for your organization, but many can create issues for the management. However, you can get ideas on how you can modernize your organization to understand the response. You need these responses to deal with this difficult business situation.

So, let us explore the eight latest workplace trends in 2022!


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1. Asynchronous work

You need to understand the traditional working model before developing awareness about asynchronous work. Previously, all employees were available in the same office timings. In this way, the employees are synchronized with each other. However, the latest trend is that people have the same teamwork in different office hours. It is called asynchronous work.

Generally, the employees work in different office hours on the same project. To synchronize all these team members, the managers need to establish a strategy. One of the best solutions can be using productivity monitoring software with the project management system. In this way, all the team members know where the project stands and what tasks are assigned to them for a specific day.

The minimum requirement that managers expect from their employees is to compensate each other by giving eight hours in any part of the day. They can also track what their managers have assigned tasks to them and complete them during the day.

Currently, the companies rely more on remote workers who are located in different time zones. It helps the organizations hire more competent employees with a lower salary. With the help of the best free EMS software, the managers can track all these employees and monitor their productivity more diligently.

Here, we need to mention that companies need to track the timings of all employees. Some managers use traditional techniques to achieve this target. They always ask why to use productivity monitoring software for time tracking. The answer is that time tracking becomes difficult when you have both in-house and remote employees.

2. Hybrid workplaces are more appreciated.

A flexible working model was designed during the Covid-19 Pandemic to allow the employees to work partly in the office and complete remaining working hours from home. This working model has now become a trend, and hybrid offices are a part of it. Some studies confirm that future employees will like to adopt this hybrid working model. In this way, they only need to come to the office for two to three days and complete their remaining days from home.

Hybrid workplaces are those particular offices, which are designed based on this specific workplace model. In these offices, employee activity monitoring software, distributed workforce strategy, and flexibility are incorporated to manage the work efficiently.

These workplaces suit the employers more because they do not need big offices. The reason is that they do not expect the whole staff in their office simultaneously. Therefore, they can save their money by engaging in small places. Other expenses can also be minimized in this way. Some may claim that all companies need to assign specific seats, lockers, and computer systems. However, in hybrid officers, these facilities are common. More interestingly, these offices have bigger meeting rooms and common areas. The reason is that the employees are allowed to interact face-to-face when they come to the office for general meetings.

3. Unassigned seating

Although some employees like it, many do not accept it with an open heart. However, the reality is hot, dynamic, and unassigned desks have become a need of the current business model. The studies also confirm that almost 50% of the total employees have accepted it as a reality now. On the other hand, companies consider it a money-saving option. However, they understand that this trend will not continue in the long run.

On the downside, unassigned seating can create a haphazard situation when the timings of two specific employees become the same, or there is a clash between their office hours. Some companies try to compensate one of these employees by providing him a free desk, but it does not work all the time. Some companies have also allotted specially designed usernames and passwords to allow them to use all computer systems. In this way, monitoring computer activities becomes convenient. However, the managers find more dissatisfied employees, which can create issues for the management.

Unassigned seating is one of those business trends in 2022 that will continue for some time. However, the experts think that you cannot prolong it. Furthermore, the companies will need to assign seats in the coming months.

4. The companies need to emphasize well-being initiatives and health. 

Top companies have been providing health insurance and well-being options to their employees for years. However, it has become necessary for all organizations. The experts recommend it because they think that these steps are for the benefit of the companies. When their employees are healthy, the management can expect better productivity and more engagement.

To begin with, the companies need to take all necessary measures to improve hygiene in the premises. Proper ventilation and an improved environment can be very important. Proper lighting, comfortable seating, ideally installed air conditioning services, and office ergonomics are imperative to employee well-being.

Here, we want to mention that companies need to provide equal importance to remote employees. The reason is that many studies have confirmed that remote workers can be the victim of burnout due to prolonged office hours. To avoid this alarming proportion, the companies should consider the well-being and health of these employers and allow them to improve their environment by providing the required funding.

5. Companies without office

Yes, in 2022, you will find many companies that will not have proper offices. The companies started using this technique during the Covid-19 Pandemic and have now established themselves tremendously. According to a study, more than 16% of the total companies have been remotely working, and the experts think this number will increase.

The employees also love this trend, although there is still a good percentage of employees that love to work in the office. The results of a survey tell us a whole story. According to it, about 22.5% of the total employees want to work in the office. On the other hand, about 22.9% of employees want to stay at home, and 37.1% love hybrid offices.

However, office-less companies need to focus more on hiring employees. It is because efficiency and productivity are the ultimate goals. For example, an employee with 10 or 15 years of experience will be a married individual with a wife and children. These employees do not love not having to commute. So, when you hire a specific individual, be ready to identify his feasibility to work from home. With that, you must have efficient productivity monitoring software to track your employees more effectively.

6. Team building has become a key.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has forced many companies to allow their employees to work from home. However, employees feel isolated and disengaged with the companies due to this particular situation. Many studies have confirmed that a good percentage of employees find difficulties collaborating and communicating with their managers and colleagues. In this way, they cannot perform efficiently.

Therefore, the latest business trend in 2022 that companies need to follow is team building. They need to incorporate employee monitoring software. It allows all the employees to communicate with their teammates, build friendships, coordinate to complete the project, and discuss their concerns. With that, arranging real-life meetings, team meet-ups, official outings, and gatherings also contribute a lot to building teams.


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7. Online or hybrid meetings

Although it is an old trend, during the Covid-19 Pandemic, this trend flourished a lot. Many experts thought that after the pandemic, companies would start thinking about the return of face-to-face meetings. However, no one can defeat technology, and in many companies, these online or hybrid meetings are common. For these meetings, the employees open their laptops and join online tools like Google Meet and Zoom. They keep themselves on mute when other speakers are explaining their point of view. And when they need to speak, open the mic and start communicating their messages. These meetings allow all team members to see everyone’s faces and share documents and presentations by sharing their screens.

To achieve this particular target, the management needs to use advanced communication tools. However, many experts think that these meetings cannot develop the required engagement. For example, many employees do not hear other participants clearly or see other participants’ faces. So, the companies need to provide required high-quality hardware like microphones and cameras.

8. Online training, courses, and education to enhance your employees’ skills

The e-learning sector enjoyed a boom during the Covid-19 Pandemic. One of the reasons is that many students wish to continue their studies. However, the most significant reason was that companies wanted to enhance their employees’ skills. For that, online training and courses were required, and therefore, many companies developed associations with these e-learning organizations. Another important aspect was that many jobless and remote workers also coordinated with these e-learning institutions to improve their skills. It has become a trend now, and many companies allow their employees to participate in these training programs and become an asset for their organizations.

Final words

Whether we accept this reality, the business environment has changed, and remote and hybrid work principles have been implemented in the organizations. Using asynchronous work, hybrid offices and meetings, and online training are the latest trends in 2022, and we need to live with them. Using productivity monitoring software has become necessary for companies, and without monitoring computer activities, there is no survival for the business owners.

So, as a manager, you need to focus on all these trends and implement them where you think that living without them as an organization is not possible. With that, you must incorporate an employee activity monitoring software to track productivity and employees’ performance.