How to Improve Productivity Via Employee Monitoring Software?

When employees perform exceptionally well and give their 100%, business success increases a lot. However, the reality is that only 34% of the total US employees show their engagement with the work assigned by their employers. More interestingly, according to Gallop, 13% of the total employees are actively disengaged with their tasks in the organization. It is also essential to mention that even the most engaged employees do not show their full engagement with the job all the time. In this situation, the best way to monitor employees’ productivity is by using employee monitoring software.

The importance of productivity monitoring software has been increased since the introduction of remote working and freelancing. It is because remote workers are those who have less interest in employers’ tasks. Therefore, the companies love remote workers, but after the Covid-19 Pandemic, it has become a compulsion to engage remote workers. However, implementing employee activity monitoring software helps the companies keep monitoring the computer activities of their remote workers.

Many monitoring solutions are in the market to keep an eye on employee productivity. However, the issue is that the business owners do not know much about these solutions. To help them understand employee monitoring software, improve the overall productivity of the employees, and investigate why employees are underperforming, we have discussed some key points here that will help you get your employees back on track. So, let us go through these steps:


Employee Monitoring Software


What are the ways to measure productivity?

We cannot measure employee’s productivity when we do not identify productive or unproductive employees. In small organizations, some supervisors or managers are enough to monitor all the employees. They can communicate with all to observe what they are doing and calculate the results generated after the employees perform a task. However, it isn’t easy in large and medium-scale organizations, or the company has engaged remote workers to perform those tasks, which you cannot manage on the premises. For that, the management needs to define metrics.

How to define metrics to keep an eye on productivity?

The most suitable and acceptable technique to measure productivity is by calculating the average labor cost divided by the employee. Another way that the companies love is by dividing the revenue by the total number of business hours. In this way, we can calculate the contribution of employees in generating sales. However, the employees do not like this measurement.

The most common ways to calculate employees’ productivity

Here are some techniques that help calculate productivity:

1. Working hours

If you think that working hours mean an employee’s time in the office, you are wrong. It means the time, which becomes productive for the organization. Some studies confirm that 20.5% of the total employees in a company spend time in those activities, which are unproductive. Here, we need to monitor computer activities with software.

2. Develop a balance between administrative tasks and productive project-based tasks.

Here, we also need to understand the difference between administrative and project tasks. Many people think that preparing for meetings, preparing presentations, reporting a specific task, and sorting emails are important. However, the reality is that these tasks are important for the administration. We can say those tasks are the best, which help complete the project or are productive. So, if you want to improve productivity, you need to engage your employees in productive tasks and keep them away from generating reports and sending emails.

3. Online distractions must be avoided to avoid time waste

The experts confirm that using social media pages, reading newspapers, watching YouTube, and sending online messages can distract the employees. However, it isn’t easy to control for most organizations. Therefore, it is necessary to use any monitoring software, whether the best free EMS software or paid employee monitoring software.

How much time an employee spends on a typical task

This comparative analysis helps compare the performance of those employees who are involved in the same task. Spending time on a specific task by all the employees helps us the best and weakest employees. In this way, we also analyze the performance of all the employees and address the deficiencies, if any, in some employees.

While discussing some metrics here, we also want to mention that some things cannot be calculated because we do not have the tools to generate numbers while measuring. For example, we cannot calculate team cooperation skills, self-education to improve performance and quality. However, some top-notch computer monitoring activities help reach a particular number to understand these aspects effectively.

It is time to understand how employee activity monitoring software works to monitor employee activities by gathering data. Let us start now!

Use Employee Monitoring Software to monitor productivity

Many businesses do not understand the value of this monitoring software. They ask, “Why do businesses need employee monitoring software?” They do not know the importance of technology in running businesses smoothly. Tracking systems, video monitoring via CCTV cameras, and telephone recordings are common in organizations. Still, the experts believe that it is not enough to engage these solutions. They think that you cannot use these tools to monitor remote workers or freelancers. It is because there are some legal implications involved. 

Here, the best way to monitor your employees and analyze their performances is to use the best EMS software. Some companies do not want to spend money on monitoring and love using the best free EMS software. However, if you wish for effective tracking, efficient reporting, and an excellent overview, you need a paid productivity monitoring software. When employees know that they are monitored throughout office hours, they start thinking about productivity to show their efficiency and effectiveness.

Top features of productivity monitoring software

An employee activity monitoring software provides you the following features for productivity metrics:

  • Screen monitoring

With this feature, you can track user activity by taking screenshots, creating videos, and recording audio in real-time. When you install employee monitoring software on all the systems of in-house employees and remote workers, you can simultaneously observe what has been done on a particular system. When there is some violation, the management has all the records to identify the employees who are not performing according to company requirements.

  • User activity tracking

This particular employee activity monitoring software feature helps you identify all the installed applications in a specific system and observe how much an employee uses a specific application. These monitoring solutions also have a keystroke logging to let you know about an employee who uses a workplace to resolve his issues.

  • Internet monitoring 

The best EMS software has the feature to monitor the websites explored by a specific employee. It also helps you know the time spent by a particular employee of a specific website.

  • USB device monitoring

In recent years, it has been observed that the employees use a USB device to extract some important company information from the workstation. The most advanced employee monitoring solutions block these connected devices to extract data when you have such concerns.

  • User behavior analytics

Some productivity monitoring software also has the feature to predict user behavior after analyzing the data. In this way, a company can observe normal user behavior, identify the deviations of a specific employee, compare this data with other employees, indicate the violations, and generate results accordingly.

  • Performance analysis

When you use a comprehensive employee activity monitoring software, you can appreciate the most productive employees by special bonuses. It also helps other employees perform effectively to show their dedication to the employers and become the winner next time.


Employee Monitoring Software


Addressing the concerns of the employees related to employee monitoring software

Until now, we have discussed the benefits of the best EMS software. However, we need to understand that employees do not like these checks generally. They have some serious concerns about employee activity monitoring software. Even in some cases, these solutions negatively impact the minds of the employees, and they start performing less effectively. It is due to the extra pressure that they feel. Therefore, it is necessary to keep all employees on board, address their concerns, and mitigate them before launching this software.

Here are some steps that help you satisfy your employees effectively and improve their productivity:

  • First of all, you need to convince your employees that employee monitoring software can keep them effective and efficient all the time. This system will help management identify the best employees and appreciate them with bonuses. So, for efficient employees, using productivity monitoring software is a blessing in disguise.
  • It is also important to tell them that manual monitoring creates depression and distress among employees. On the other hand, the best EMS software does not stop you from working and monitor only when it feels something unsatisfactory in the system.
  • An employee monitoring software records attendance without disturbing anyone. In this way, the conflict between the management and employees can be minimized. The reason is that this system records login and logout time as it is, and no manager or employee can complain that time has not been record accurately.

More concerns about employee monitoring software

  • Physical monitoring always creates disputes and conflicts among employees. When a manager or supervisor appreciates a specific employee, other employees call it favoritism. With employee monitoring software, we can minimize this conflict that must be satisfactory for all the employees.
  • Remote workers are not generally appreciate because the management believes that remote workers waste a lot of time. When there is a productivity monitoring software, no one can blame them that they do not work.


Monitoring user activity by using employee monitoring software is one of the most effective ways to improve productivity, enhance the management confidence over its employees, and detect and resolve issues with cyber security. You can analyze the performance of all the employees by using the most authentic and accurate data that a productivity monitoring software. Therefore, it has been observe that using these monitoring solutions has become essential for medium and large-scale organizations. And we assure you that in the coming years, these solutions with the most advance features will become crucial for all types of businesses.

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