How to Manage Insider Threats with Employee Monitoring Software?

Keeping outsiders away from violating your internal security and accessing your confidential data can be managed in many ways. You can develop the best firewalls and implement some special procedures to control external breaches. However, it becomes the most demanding game when someone tries to breach the security system from inside the organization. The business experts consider it the worst threat that a company may face in its whole life.

To control this insider threat, the experts have defined techniques and methods that you can use by incorporating employee monitoring software. Read on to learn these ways!


Provide required information to your employees to deal with insider threats

Mainly, you can divide these threats into two types. First, some of these threats are generated through negligence and unintentional activities. Second, some of the employees may be involved in malicious activities for vested interests.

To control unintentional threats, companies need to educate their employees. As described earlier, these threats are generated due to ignorance and carelessness. It happens when your employees leave their systems without monitoring computer activities. Leaving confidential data and necessary resources opened on their computers can damage the security and allow suspicious people to access your data intentionally to challenge your security. The managers need to educate their employees about these threats enough to maintain security and keep suspicious individuals and malware away.


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Thorough risk analysis is a must

The managers know about the most confidential data and assets. Therefore, they should recognize all potential threats and vulnerabilities even before they can be initiated to access your days. When you understand it, you can be better positioned to make a strategy to counter these threats.

When you have identified your critical data and the potential threats, you can monitor all activities of every employee via productivity monitoring software. Generally, the managers know the loopholes, weak points, and malicious individuals. They also know what needs to be protect. When you have identified both, you must prioritize the data and possible insider threats. With the best free EMS software, you know who is accessing which sensitive data. When you understand it, you must give the most robust protection. The best practice here is to keep confidential data in cloud databases and use a digital signature online to allow a specific individual to access this information.


Get rid of old accounts

Turnover is the issue of almost all companies. When you have employees, they use specific accounts to access some data or information. After terminating them or getting a resignation from them, you need to purge these accounts immediately. However, the reality is that most companies do not do so. These accounts are called orphaned accounts. Someone, who is no longer a part of your organization, may use this account and try to break the security and employee activity monitoring software. And in this case, your confidential data is at risk.

The best practice to manage these accounts is to delete them. However, you can change the password and security settings if you want to continue with it.

So, if you leave orphaned accounts unattended, you may be the easiest victim of a security breach. The reason is that orphaned accounts are not monitor. Generally, employee monitoring software does not have the information of these accounts, and unidentified users can use your confidential data for their personal use. In this way, you allow your old employees not attach with you to access sensitive data and use it for their interests.

Therefore, you need to avoid all the vulnerabilities related to these accounts by doing regular purges. It is also necessary to take care of test accounts as well that you do not need now. Getting rid of these accounts is the best way to manage insider threats, which are generally unidentifiable.


Maximum control of third parties to access your data

Sometimes, you need to provide access to third parties to some specific information or data. Generally, these people are remote workers, contractors, and vendors. These people may occasionally need access to your data. Therefore, you allow them to become a part of your network.

However, the business owners and managers should not deal with these third parties as their employees. Some business owners claim that a specific individual or party is a part of the business. Even in this scenario, you cannot permit them to move freely into data. If the management wants it from you, you must convince them to start using employee activity monitoring software to keep checking what they are doing with their data. These people are not a part of the company, and therefore, you do not know what they can do with you. So, limited access can be grant only to them.

However, you can give them leverage only in the way that you can deal with them softly. Moreover, allow them only that particular data, which is necessary. You must not give them access to confidential data. Additionally, if they need access to sensitive data, you can generate some documents with the information they need. It means that you need to provide them with the data, which is crucial for them, and you can make it possible by providing only that data, which is essential for them to access.


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Use the most suitable Employee Monitoring Software

Traditional monitoring cannot be as fruitful as we expect because it never provides 100% results. With this monitoring, the chances remain there that you can miss something. Some business owners claim that they have a team of observers and supervisors to keep their employees active and vibrant. However, these people cannot be everywhere all the time. Here, using productivity monitoring software is the best approach.

What does employee activity monitoring software do for you? Well, it works as an additional eye and can look in all directions by monitoring computer activities of all the individuals and keeping a record of all the employees separately.

A top-quality and the best EMS software has numerous features and functions to deal with insider threats. However, we mention only the most relevant features and the best free EMS software can provide to you.

So, have a look!

  • You can implement employee monitoring software restrictions to restrict some particular employees’ access to sensitive programs.
  • The managers can also track the access of all the employees to sensitive data and fix responsibilities.
  • When someone has stolen a specific asset, you can delete it not to prevent unauthorize individuals and parties from accessing it.
  • The data retrieval process can be the best feature that productivity monitoring software offers to you.
  • You can also lock down devices with the help of employee monitoring software. It helps you minimize unauthorized access to a specific machine.
  • The best EMS software also generates real-time alerts when someone is involved in suspicious activities. For example, if someone is trying to download something extraordinary, get unusual prints, or use keywords in an unauthorized way.
  • Monitoring computer activities with software also records and analyzes user data to identify unusual activities and keep the management attentive.
  • With the help of monitoring tools, you can implement different policies and benchmarks.
  • Scanning email attachments can also be achieve with employee monitoring software.
  • You can also create customize reports to identify issues and rectify them.



Companies need many employee monitoring techniques and tools that depend on their business operations, size, and data type that they use. Here, using productivity monitoring software can be the best choice for an organization. The reason is that these monitoring solutions have many features to track all malicious internal threats and prevent them. These applications also respond whenever someone tries to constitute a threat through notifications and block malicious activities. So, whenever you think that restricting data loss is your need, you must go for one of the best EMS software.


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