How Much has Employee Monitoring Software Achieved Until Now?

For almost a century, companies have been finding solutions to resolve the issue of employee monitoring. Regardless of the concerns related to employee monitoring software that companies face, the management loves to have these solutions.

Generally, employee monitoring software may sound contemporary for businesses. However, no one can claim that these solutions are not suitable for them to improve employee performance. With the increased sizes of companies and divided departments, the teams have been dispersed. And after developing multiple offices in different countries, the departments have scattered. Therefore, the coordination among team members in other countries and management has become challenging to manage. Moreover, the incorporation of more data and processes has increased the value of online working and computers. Therefore, only conventional employee monitoring does not work.

The above discussion has confirmed that the trends of employee monitoring have been changed. More specifically, monitoring computer activities has become essential because many tasks have been performed and managed on these machines. So, we cannot ignore the value of employee activity monitoring software in this digital era.

Here, we will monitor some critical trends related to productivity monitoring. For that, we will observe some preliminary tools like keycards. With that, we will also go through some latest trends like biometric data to keep employees monitored all the time. The purpose of this discussion is to identify the value of employee monitoring software in perspective and re-evaluation. It will help us understand how much productivity monitoring software has achieved and what its future can be. 

But first of all, we need to understand how vital the best EMS software is.


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Do businesses need employee monitoring software?

We can give numerous reasons in favors of the best free EMS software. Some experts think that having employee monitoring software is necessary. However, some other experts believe that having this monitoring software can be good because you can track computers, take attendance, identify the websites that have been used, and the time that an employee spends on a specific task. It means that even those, who are not as impressed as others are, also find the best free EMS software suitable.

Why is it so? Well, the companies have shift many processes on computers. Therefore, the data is stored on centralized computer servers or individual computers. Some companies also keep essential data in the cloud. This particular reason has increased the value of computer monitoring because cyber-attacks and unofficial access are normal. Therefore, monitoring computer activities has now become a need of any organization to keep data secure.

The second crucial aspect is that after the Covid-19 Pandemic, the companies love to engage remote workers. These employees work flexible hours, and the managers cannot monitor them all the time. Here, employee activity monitoring software works and keeps remote workers on their toes.

Finally, the companies keep themselves competitive in the market. The productivity monitoring software helps keep track of all the employees and complete the tasks within time. It becomes more critical when they win projects and deals with the clients. When clients find this efficiency and know they are engaged with a firm that uses software to monitor, they feel good and continue working with the same company.

Having these things in mind, you can understand the value of productivity monitoring and its value in the future. It is the reason due to which you need to think about it.

Are old-school monitoring methods workable in the 21st century?

It has been observed that all companies that have more than ten employees love some monitoring solutions. Maybe they start with the best free EMS software, but they think about it.

For example, companies have been using timesheets for years to keep an eye on employee attendance. These sheets have also helped calculate office hours and overtime. However, manual timesheets were very difficult to maintain. Now, many employee monitoring software solutions offer digital timesheets. So, you can record the attendance of every employee, hold office hours and overtime, and automatically calculate all the required information that management needs.

Another critical old-school methodology to track attendance is a keycard. However, its value has been marginalized because you cannot use keycards for data protection and optimization.

Many companies have been using video surveillance for years. It is probably the most intrusive method that we have been using for years to monitor computer activities. It helps monitor employees more closely and effectively. However, the trend of using the camera has been changed so that productivity monitoring software uses these cameras for recording and calculating employee performance.

Biometric data – A new trend

Technology has changed the whole world in recent years. Now, we do not need usernames and passwords anymore. Our fingerprints or face recognition takes us to our menu. It is what experts call biometric data. The exact process has been introduce in employee activity monitoring software. Now, the management can monitor computer activities by using employees’ biometric data.

As described earlier, we can use facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, and retina scanning to access particular data. In this way, we can secure our confidential data more efficiently. Previously, the companies were using this biometric data to enter into a specific office section and keep an eye on certain facilities. Now, we can use it to access our smartphones and computers. It means that we can bind our employees to access their computers by using biometric data. Moreover, we can apply it to our remote workers as well.

However, it is necessary to mention here that the employers and employees have some questions about the acceptability of this technology. Biometric scanners can be difficult to accept for the employees because they feel uncomfortable in their presence. Therefore, this technology will take time to establish a reputation in the businesses. Until then, we can go for the best employee monitoring software available in the market. The reason is that it allows you to access it by using a username and password.


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Employee Activity Monitoring Software is the best for all

Yes, it is! We can claim it because this monitoring solution works as a bridge between conventional monitoring and biometric data to monitor computer activities. It helps monitor employees more effectively than traditional monitoring. The acceptance level is also better than both traditional and the latest monitoring techniques. With productivity monitoring software, we can track employees, websites, apps, and attendance. With that, we can also analyze the performance of all employees, calculate payrolls, and many other activities.

We have already mention that the best EMS software can bridge between the conventional and latest monitoring techniques. So, we do not need to use traditional timesheets and keycards now. With that, we can delay the involvement of biometric data to develop awareness among employees. Some may think that work digitalization has been increasing rapidly, so we need to be fast now. We recommend that we manage it by using some other data security techniques currently. When it is going out of control, we can think about the latest data management techniques.

Overall, we can easily say that shifting towards employee monitoring with software is not a tradition. It is actually what we need in this digital era.


The world has changed now, and the same is in the case of employee monitoring trends. Therefore, the need for employee monitoring software has increased a lot. Although many business owners think about the advantages and disadvantages of employee monitoring software, they know that survival without it is difficult. Video surveillance, timesheets, keycards, and manual supervision can help you a little. It is data that you need to secure. And you can manage it only with the help of employee monitoring software. No other tool can tell you what your employees are doing and how much your data is secure from unofficial and unauthorized access.


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