Why Digital Marketing Firm Need EMS for Remote Workers?

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In this post, we have discussed the benefits of employee monitoring software for a digital marketing firm. In this discussion, we have observed that productivity monitoring software helps monitor the employees, incredibly remote workers. However, we can also confirm that monitoring computer activities with software does not produce the required results. We can only track the input and output of the employees, the time that they spend in front of the computers, and their effectiveness. However, we can achieve all our targets only when managers have been monitoring the employees with the help of the best free EMS software. It is the only way that helps a digital marketing firm work effectively and achieve its organizational goals more aggressively.

Monitoring in the IT sector, especially remote workers, is challenging to manage. The managers cannot move to the remote workers or freelancers to monitor what they are doing during office hours. Monitoring in-house workers, on the other hand, can be more accessible. However, they can also manipulate the situation by looking busy and wasting time on other activities. To improve this situation, the experts recommend employee monitoring software.

Many digital marketing firms love hiring freelancers and remote workers to perform their numerous tasks. This activity helps them get the most talented team members in the market, reduce costs to a large extent, and increase productivity. Although many companies prefer free EMS software, it does not work simultaneously for in-house employees and remote workers. Therefore, the experts recommend the best employee monitoring software to monitor all staff members during their office hours.

Let us discuss remote workers and their tasks in detail first!

Why Digital Marketing Firms Need EMS Application?

Remote working is not a new term for IT companies, software houses, and digital marketing firms, as it is cost-efficient. Companies can get access to the most talented individuals and improve the organization’s overall performance. During the Covid-19 Pandemic, remote workers and freelancers won more hearts because companies were not operational due to the lockdown. However, there is always a hurdle in front of the management: monitoring these employees and developing trust in them. If it is achieved, the companies can get more than their expectations.

Generally, remote employees work on their own to complete the tasks assigned by their management. However, after hiring various employees, engaging the best EMS software to monitor the employees becomes crucial. Even the best free EMS software can help digital marketing firms keep an eye on their employees. However, you want to monitor your employees more effectively and efficiently, track their performance, and evaluate it to give appraisals. Here, it is necessary to use fully functional employee monitoring software.

Here, it is necessary to understand productivity monitoring software. Mainly, monitoring remote employees through software involves:

1. Tracking Input – It means that you can get information about the number of hours you expect from a remote worker.

2. Measuring Productivity – With this feature, you can measure an employee’s productivity by monitoring employee output.

3. Monitoring effectiveness – While using employee activity monitoring software, you can calculate the desired quality of work that an employee delivers.

Track Working Hours of Your Employees Using EMS Application 

Generally, you can monitor an employee’s performance by calculating the number of hours he spends in front of the computer. So, while monitoring computer activities, you can calculate the number of hours an employee spends with specific software, web application, website, or social media page. Generally, in a digital marketing firm, there is more than one client. Here, it would help if you assigned specific time and clients to remote workers and in-house employees. By monitoring computer activities, you can track time by all projects, clients, employees, and tasks. It is the confirmation that the best EMS software can address all your business needs.

  • The overall purpose of employee monitoring software is to bring transparency to the organization and build trust among employees that they are correctly observed and appreciated accordingly. This productivity monitoring software becomes more important when you pay a remote employee by the hour. It means that the issues of over and underpaying can be managed more effectively.
  • As an employer, you can find the best free EMS software and paid employee monitoring software according to your needs. Many tracking software is available in the market with different pricing. With the change in pricing, the features are also changed.
  • Monitoring the activities of all employees, especially remote workers, is an essential task to identify the applications which are mainly used on a specific machine. This way, the companies can notify the employees and ask them to spend office hours on productive tasks.

Digital Marketing Firm Check Productivity Using EMS Software

With the help of employee activity monitoring software, the management can measure productivity by calculating the number of work units. There are SEO experts, social media executives, content writers, link builders, designers, SEO analysts, and SEO internees in a digital marketing firm. To monitor the productivity of all these employees, incredibly remote employees, an EMS can measure the following tasks:

  • The output is in tasks that a remote employee needs to complete in a day/week/month.
  • An employee monitoring software also sets project deadlines and milestones and keeps an eye on employees, whether they complete the task within the deadline or not.
  • The number of guest posts, blog posts, and other content that a content writer needs to post in a week or month
  • The number of new backlinks that an SEO link builder needs to build in a day
  • How many social media posts have been done by social media marketers?

However, it is necessary to mention that the software houses need something extra. For example, they need a system that can monitor the performance of the developers. It is required to calculate the number of code lines written by the developer. Mainly, employee monitoring software helps measure the performance of remote workers and in-house marketing staff. However, monitoring computer activities can help achieve the target to some extent. Having a good project management tool is also a must with productivity monitoring software.


The above discussion confirms that only physical supervision does not help you calculate the performance of employees accurately. The managers can only have the overall results to monitor the performance. On the other hand, productivity monitoring software calculates the time and overall performance of the employees. It cannot measure the impact or effect of employee performance that a business expects from its employees. Therefore, we recommend using both the tools and tactics to generate the results which you forecast to achieve organizational goals and objectives.

Monitoring computer activities by using software tells the time and output of specific employees or digital marketing firms. It also tells us about the job which has been performed. However, some employers claim that completing the tasks within a particular time does not mean that the business has been generating the required results.

Final Thoughts

You have hired a content writer who has the responsibility to post two blogs in a day. According to the statistics, he has been completing his tasks regularly. However, if his blogs are not up to the mark, how can we say he has effectively conducted his tasks? Here, it becomes crucial to have a supervisor or manager who can keep an eye on the performance of these writers. You can implement the same role on other employees as well.


How Do You Monitor Virtual Employees?

You can monitor remote or virtual employees using EMS (Employee Monitoring Software). Most employers pay remote workers hourly, so it is better to install employee monitoring systems on their PCs to keep an eye on them.

How Do You Monitor Employee Activity?

An employer can track employees’ activities, location, productivity, screens, and time by utilizing the best EMS software. You can also track your remote workers and pay them according to their working hours. An employer can view remote workers’ screens anytime during working hours to keep an eye on the work.

What Software Do Companies Use to Monitor Remote Employees?

There is a lot of software available today in the market, but the best one is EMS, which can track your remote employees besides in-house employees. EMS provides plenty of useful functions; for instance, you can monitor the live location and screen employees from thousands of miles apart.

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