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Tracking your employee is essential in this century, especially for computer-based workplaces or e-commerce. There are many physical and virtual ways to monitor your employees. One of the virtual ways is EMS (employee monitoring system), which covers many areas, from Time tracking to evaluating productivity.

Employee tracking has been a hectic task for management and administration in the past. For instance, they recruit supervisors for employee tracking, and sometimes it turns out that supervisors are corrupt. Evolution in technology solved this issue. The tech people and software engineers have developed a lot of apps and web-based software for the sake of employee monitoring.

If you have a business, consider buying Employee Monitoring System. It will help your business get on track without much hassle. Employee monitoring software has features that are useful for a company. You can assess every employee without strain, even your remote workers.

You must be thinking, what are these features? Here we are describing the most important and valuable features of EMS:

Most wanted features of EMS

These features are valuable and help an organization succeed. You will know it’s worth it after reading this article.

1. Attendance

Attendance is the foremost thing while tracking your employees. Employees marked their attendance on registers manually two decades back. Management also hires a guard or some peon who stalks everyone. But now there is no need to do these conspiracies as employee monitoring software records attendance. As soon as employees log in to their system, it records the timing. The same thing happens when they log out at off times. Attendance has become easy with EMS.

2. Time tracking

EMS can help employers track Time, i.e., how much time employees spend on a specific task and what their employees do in a particular period. This feature can tell you whether they are procrastinating or doing an important task. It can track the employee’s location, which is called live tracking.

  • It can calculate Time spent on personal tasks. For instance, if the employee is doing his Ph.D. thesis instead of an assigned task. Or they are wasting time browsing irrelevant things.
  • It can estimate how much time a task will take. And if the employee is taking more than the required time, the employer will automatically see that.
  • Employers can determine the time every employee spends on a group project.

3. Web browsing

EMS provides this feature in which we can save the Web browsing history of the employees. This feature makes it convenient to check your employees’ search history. EMS saves this history; management can view employees’ internet surfing anytime. This way, you can find out which employee spends most of his office hours on social media and entertainment websites.

4. Internet usage tracking

The internet service that an organization provides is only for office use. EMS gives you this feature to monitor internet usage, i.e., you can check if video or movie downloading usage is more. And which employee is using the internet more than for office use.

5. Screen monitoring

A business owner can have access to employees’ screens. They can see duplicate screens of the employees’ screens. They can use this screen monitoring feature if they want to know which person is doing what at this particular time. Because of this feature, employees do not deviate from their assigned tasks as they know the boss is watching each step.

6. Productivity

Every organization aims to make progress. Enhanced productivity is mandatory for this purpose. A manager’s responsibility is to check an employee’s productivity. They should believe in quality, not quantity because quality makes your work valuable.

  • It is possible that an employee is writing 4000 to 5000 words daily but is not productive.
  • While another employee writes just 1500 – 2000 words, his work is highly productive.

A human cannot keep an eye on every employee, so companies are using the software. For instance, EMS can tell you how much an employee is productive. The employer can also see the productivity in a specific period and a specific project. You can give incentives to the productive employees as appreciation. And you can demote the ones who are just wasting office resources by not giving much productivity.

But one should not solely rely on software as it gives you the productivity of a specific time, i.e., 15 days, a month, or two. It is merely possible that a good employee is not performing well due to some personal reasons. In these cases, the management should make decisions with their mind and heart.

7. Idle-time checker

EMS can monitor Idle Time, absentees, and holidays. Most organizations want 8 to 9 hours working hours from the employees, including a one-hour break. About 90 percent of employees spend almost 1 hour idle, excluding the break. This kind of behavior is because the supervisor has no idea employees are wasting Time. EMS provides an idle time checker so that employers will know who the procrastinators are. And management can deal with these people accordingly.    

8. Reports generation

You can generate reports of any employee using EMS, including total working hours, productivity hours, and idle Time. You can know the productivity history of any employee. This feature is beneficial when deciding incentives and bonuses.

9. EMS recorder

EMS recorder software records every activity an employee is doing on the desktop. Nowadays, people believe in “looking busy do nothing.” Employees use the computer all day, looking busy with a lot of work, but watching Netflix or podcasts. EMS recorder helps record screens and take screenshots. Management can block or restrict entertainment websites and can check the installed software list. EMS recorder can save a company from cyber threats as they can watch every suspicious movement.

10. Invisible monitoring tool

Employers can track their employees without informing them. In some countries, monitoring without consent is illegal. However, it is employers’ right to watch their employees’ actions. Employee monitoring with the consent of your employees is legal now. EMS is an invisible monitoring tool, but it is better to remain transparent with your employees to avoid any rebellious behavior from the other side.


In the last century, nobody can have any idea that they could monitor and observe employees just by clicking on an app, and the whole set of reports is in front of them. With the advancement in science and technology, many companies are buying and installing monitoring software in their offices.  Best EMS software (employee monitoring software) can be an asset to your company. Time tracking and productivity monitoring are essential features.


What is Meant by Employee Monitoring?

Monitoring your employees with the help of cameras, wiretapping, and software (for instance, EMS) is known as employee tracking. The primary purpose of employee monitoring is to keep them on a straight path and help increase productivity so they do not waste their office hours. 

How Do You Monitor Employee Activity?

There are several ways to monitor employee activities, such as surveillance cameras, wiretapping, email monitoring, and employee monitoring software. With EMS, you can watch your employee’s screens, productivity, browsing history, and recently used websites/documents. 

What are the Types/ Features Of Employee Monitoring Software (EMS)?

There are a lot of types/ features in employee monitoring software:

  • Productivity monitoring
  • Time tracking
  • Attendance tracking
  • Email monitoring
  • Browsing history monitoring.
  • Desktop Monitoring
What is the Net Monitor for Employees?

Net monitoring or internet monitoring is tracking websites, emails, and apps your employees use daily. Generally, EMS saves the surfing history and recently used files log, and the employer can check the activity anytime.

In some countries, employee monitoring without the consent of employees is illegal. They say that it is the infringement of privacy and morally wrong, but if you want to use employee monitoring software, you can do two things:

  1. Take employees’ consent.
  2. Consult your legal advisor.

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