Employee Monitoring | Complete Guide You Must Need to Know About EMS

Employee Monitoring

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EMS (Employee Monitor System) is a thin line between Productivity and Privacy. EMS began approximately ten years ago and has since established itself as one of the top employee monitoring programs for all kinds of companies. We think changing the workplace culture in offices can increase a company’s productivity.

Currently, EMS is one of the greatest options for the company’s product management and inside detection. You can easily detect what an employee is doing on his system in required office times.  You have full access to employee PCs because of the EMS. You can easily keep an eye on their working hours, idle time, and forensics to help you remove the risk of data loss.

The secret is to manage a profitable firm effectively. We give you a better strategy for encouraging people to work quickly and intelligently. It provides you with all of the employee monitoring options suitable for various business types.

EMS assist its clients in expanding their businesses, growing their teams, and improving employee productivity. EMS is also known as efficiency monitoring software. Because it creates efficiency in the employee’s performance and the company’s monitoring. 

Complete Guide About Employee Monitoring Software

There’s a complete guide about employee monitoring software mentioned below: 
1. Different Pricing Plans:
EMS is available in different plans for users who can afford it. The plans are given below:

Pricing Plans

2. User Profiles and Invitations
EMS shows the plan and the space for the users that how many users have the EMS system running. You can also invite new employees to the EMS system just by sending them a link via Email. When you give a login link to an employee, that employee needs to enter the activation key as well. The purpose of the activation key is to keep the EMS more secure so that only an authorized person can have access.

3. Live Monitoring 

There’s another wonderful system in the EMS that makes it different from other EMSs. It has the feature of live monitoring which can show the employee’s screen to the administrator. Admin can see the tabs, online and offline working as well. It counts in the productivity of the employee and after that, a productivity chart is made.

Live Monitoring

As you can see the screen of 6 employees working.

3. Features 

There’s another section of “features” where the admin can take a screenshot of some employee’s screen. Admin can manage the attendance, schedule, website restrictions, permissions, and many more.


4. Website Tracking

There is website tracking as well. If you don’t want to see the employee’s screen, you can also check the websites currently on which the employee has been working.

Website Tracking

Analytical Reports

Analytical reports show the working time, the productivity percentage and all the initial details about the employees.

Analytical Reports

Performance Charts

EMS can also show the performer’s graph and pie who are the best performers of the week or month or the lowest performers of the week or month.

Performance Charts

Department Productivity
EMS shows the productivity of different departments of the company. The whole working time, productivity and work effort is also shown in the form of graphs.

Department Productivity

Website restriction

You can also restrict the website. On the other hand, you can mark the activity website your employee’s surfing as nonproductivity with a tag.

Website restriction

Other Options

There are some other option mentioned on the left side of the EMS.

  • You can choose the users and agents. That who are using the system. You can remove the users and agents from there too.
  • Roles show the role of the person using the EMS. It has the category of the employee. Whether the employee is admin, HR, or CEO.
  • In the section of “Agents & Reports”, Admin can get the reports in bulk or individually.
  • “Screenshots” Have the saved screenshot which you capture from the live tracking of the employee’s system with name and details.
  • “Attendance” has the IN and OUT record of the employee. It has the record of Leave, Absents, and Half Leaves of the employee.
  • “Departments” have the reports of different departments. Their productivity, task management, and other details.
  • The Subscription section has the plan subscriptions that what plan you are using right now and how can you refresh the payment plan.
  • Restrictions have the websites or the applications which are restricted by the admin. You can not access them
  • Installed Software shows the software which is installed in the employee’s system.
  • Agents and schedule have the schedule of agents which are supposed to be issued or done by the employees.
  • Through “email” and “reports”, you can get the reports of different functions and you can mail them as well.

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