Employee Monitoring | Complete Guide You Must Need to Know About EMS

Employee Monitoring

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For over a decade, EMS (employee monitoring software) has been the best cloud-based monitoring tool. A small and medium enterprise or a huge business owner must have an employee monitoring tool. You can monitor your in-house employees as well as remote workers. There are several features in employee monitoring software, but first, you must educate yourself and your employees about EMS.

Employee tracking is essential to run a well-established business. The bigger the company, the more significant the need to track employees, and EMS is the best solution. It is impossible to have an insight into a company with thousands of workers, so software helps administration in this regard.

In this guide, you will see comprehensive information about EMS.

Why do you need EMS (employee monitoring software)?

EMS provides you with features that will be useful for you, unlike other software, which gives a lot of useless features and charges more. It would be best if you had EMS because;

  • You want to track your employees.
  • You want to have desired work quality.
  • You want to identify which applications an employee is using.
  • You want to find each employee’s productivity.
  • You want to monitor their work hours.
  • You want to see their screen anytime you want.
  • You want to record their attendance.
  • You want to view their browsing history.
  • You want to save your company from cybercrime.
  • You want to know about failure before it’s too late.
  • You want to have screenshots of the work.
  • You want to generate reports of all employees.
  • You want to manage projects.
  • You want to manage the role of every team member in a project.

Features that EMS offers

Location monitoring and real-time tracking, screen and desktop monitoring, user log activity and report generation, alerts and warnings, and cybersecurity are the main features that EMS presents.

1. Live tracking

Every company desires to track the location and time of employees. Supervisors are not enough for this purpose as they cannot watch the employees, so monitoring software has become one of the necessities. You can catch sight of each employee’s work with the live tracking feature. When employees know management is consistently watching their productive and idle hours, they start paying heed to their work.

  • The app can record log-in and log-out times.
  • Administration can monitor their employees’ actions at particular times.
  • Management can avoid Procrastination using this method.
  •  You can monitor time spent on a task.

2. Productivity tracking

Productivity is an essential item for businesses. The employees who work sincerely produce high yields, while some procrastinate during office hours. Monitoring and measuring productivity is crucial. Productivity tracking informs management about the good and bad performers so they can act accordingly.

Productivity monitoring software gives insight into daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly performances. EMS facilitates the management as it can provide productivity reports, and management can decide about fire and hire. When you know the weakness of your company, you can save resources.

Employees do their work carefully when employees have a fear that someone is watching their productivity, and any mistake can create severe consequences.

How can you increase productivity?

Firstly, avoid distractions using EMS, as employees will not have access to entertainment websites. Everyone should maintain office decorum, and no one should disturb others. When your mind is at peace, you can produce invaluable work. Draw employees’ attention toward work. Management can do this by dividing the task and creating a deadline-driven environment. You can also analyze workers’ productivity by giving them the same jobs, and extract the best one. Then you can make a squad with compatible employees, which increases team productivity.

3. Activity monitoring

The employer need not worry about wastage of time because of EMS. It can show your employees’ screens anytime, even offline. You can see your employees’ activity log and search history. You can gaze at Every single move of your employees like an eagle. It can help you avoid unnecessary suffering over the internet, which is irrelevant to the projects they are working. You can scrutinize daily work details and total work hours.

Employees read newsletters and magazines during their office hours as a habit. With the activity monitoring feature of EMS, you can handle this issue. But if your employee is a content writer or SEO, reading articles to increase their knowledge and stay up to date is in their job tasks. While using features, keep in mind the nature of everyone’s job.

4. Project management

The manager has to divide the task among his subordinates and manage the project resources. Before EMS, companies hire managers for different tasks. It can allocate a budget, assign tasks, and create new projects. It manages everyone’s role so that no two employees work on the same job.

5. Generation of reports and taking screenshots

Let the organization know about the failure beforehand, as EMS can help create daily, monthly, and yearly reviews. It takes screenshots and sends them in an email to the employers or administration periodically. Employers will know about the metrics of each employee. If any infringement occurs, the software sends alerts.

6. Cybersecurity

Monitoring software such as EMS can help you protect your company’s confidential information. There is a list of software that an employee uses,  and downloads in a tenure. Not every employee should access sensitive info, so EMS help restrict some applications and files. A warning notification pop up if an employee tries to access these files and violates the rules.

USB device monitoring

Some employee intentionally steals information from the office’s system with the help of a USB. The EMS does not give the authority of employees to attach USBs to the system without permission. So, your organization remains safe from outsider and insider threats.

7. Trace Your Remote Workers

Remote working has become a need in the covid-19 pandemic. Many companies started working from home. It has been a huge challenge to engage your remote workers. In this case, you cannot know the employee’s productivity. If employees are not working, why would you pay them? Many remote workers get paid hourly, so companies require a monitoring system to determine whether employees worked during these hours.EMS provides services from productivity evaluation to live tracking.

How to Download EMS?

You always try things before buying them, so go now and Download the free EMS 15 days trial. Then it would be easy to choose the plan whether you want gold, platinum, or premium EMS.

  • First, you have to sign up and create an account.
  • Download EMS free trial.
  • After you try it for 15 days, you can buy its premium.

What if you do not have EMS? How will it Affect Your Company?

If you do not have EMS, your employees will become lethargic and delay projects. They know they will spend 8 hours in the office doing nothing and get full payment.No one will notice that they are not being productive and wasting resources. Your company will spend more and have less profit, and you cannot even find the reason for this failure.No supervisor can watch over every employee without monitoring software. Ultimately, you will lose control over employees, and your company’s downfall starts.

Without EMS, employers will not know that a particular project would bring failure to the company. This way, you will waste money, time, and resources and lose clients. It is better to know the weaknesses and mistakes yourself than customers.

Small businesses can survive without EMS, but it will be hard for large companies to manage their employees and monitor productivity without a monitoring app, i.e., EMS.

Problems and Solutions Concerning EMS        

Everything has drawbacks and limitations if not used in the right way. It is not a wise way to start using an app without research. If you do, it will create the following issues:

1. Trust deficient environment

Most employees repel monitoring software as they think it will put more pressure on them. They also think management is not trusting them, which is why they monitor their every move.

First of all, you need to communicate with them transparently and clarify to them that monitoring will not breach their privacy.EMS will help them see their productivity, and no one can make biased decisions due to personal grudges.

2. Legality questions

In some countries, employee monitoring is illegal and considered morally wrong. If you want to use EMS, you can consult a legal advisor and take the consent of your employees. You should stop invisible monitoring and make them clear that you are watching them for their well-being.


Employee monitoring is the need of the hour, and EMS offers you the best features. You can track from employee’s location to productivity. All you have to do is buy Ems and open your app whenever you want. It even has a mobile app that makes it more valuable. Rather than hiring supervisors, buy EMS, which will be cost-effective and convenient for you. But concern your lawyer about the legality of employee monitoring in your area.


What Software Can We Use to Monitor Employees?

The best EMS software can monitor employees efficiently; it provides features like a time tracker, productivity tracker, and activity tracker. An employer, miles apart, can view employees’ activity simply by opening the EMAS mobile app.

It is employers’ right to monitor the employees of their company, but in some countries, it is morally wrong as it is employees’ privacy infringement. If you want to use EMS, you can take your employees’ consent and consult your legal advisor. 

How Do I Get Around Employees for Monitoring?

You can track your employees with the help of EMS; it gives you deep insight into employees’ activities. Productivity, attendance, time, internet surfing log, recently used documents, and location is the attributes it provides. 

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