Tips You Must Keep in Mind When Buying Time Tracking Apps

Time Tracking Apps

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Buying a time tracking app for business purposes can be a crucial decision, especially when it is related to employee’s productivity. Simply, we can say that tracking employees’ time on computer helps make the professionals and workforce effective and efficient. When business managers measure and monitor computer activities conducted on a specific seat, it tells them about a specific employee’s time management and performance.

More importantly, when you and your employees use laptops or desktops to perform assigned duties, you need only that particular employee tracking software that suits you.

Productivity matters the most in improving overall organizational performance, and employee activity monitoring software makes it convenient. Even a free time tracking app provides you with time-tracking services. The reason is that calculating every employee’s time on a specific project and comparing it with others becomes convenient. According to experts, time-tracking is the best solution to keep your team productive and effective.

Tips for a Time Tracking App Buyer

1. Management of Time-Bounded Projects

When you get a project as a team, the most important aspect to consider is time limitations. Almost all business projects are time-bounded. Generally, the managers divide these projects into small portions, and it helps them keep an eye on all aspects. With that, the management also allocates time to all the employees against a specific task.

The time tracking feature in time tracking apps calculates the time after subtracting idle hours and free minutes while not staying in the seat. It helps the managers analyze the performance of all and identify the best performer. For more help, click now on our user guide.

2. Only Authentic-Time Tracking Software

It simply means that real-time tracking on computer must be implemented with those time tracking solutions specially designed for these machines. Some software is suitable for both Windows and Apple machines, however, there may be some inconvenience while you implement track of processes on the MacBook. Therefore, explore the best software to track employee browsing history and choose the best one accordingly.

3. The Employees Should Work Accordingly

When managers use time tracking apps, the employees work according to the time prescribed. In this way, the companies succeed in improving individual and overall team performance. This software also helps the management assign the right tasks to the right individual with a track of processes. You can fix the right individuals for specific jobs with employee monitoring software. So, you can improve the productivity and performance of a specific employee while using this software.

4. Track Your Employees with the Time Tracking App

Tracking employee browsing history is essential for managers at the team level. With that, monitoring employees individually is equally important. For that, you need real-time tracking through software to track the progression of performance and activities on a specific computer. Calendar tools and time duration calculators are also available with these monitoring solutions. When you have such a tool, you can track all the activities of all employees to complete the project timely. These solutions prevent the employees from wasting time and focusing more on assigned tasks.

5. Manage Your Connected Tasks with Live Tracking

Employee monitoring software can take the project to the next level if a connected task is completed. The time finder calculator offered by monitoring solutions helps you allocate time. In this specific scenario, it is most appropriate to perform a specific activity.

6. Address Bottlenecks to Keep the Project on Track

All projects have bottlenecks. So, you need to monitor them all the time. However, before monitoring, you must identify all these bottlenecks. In some cases, the best managers record these bottlenecks even before creating a team to start a specific project. We can give the example of a digital marketing business where maintaining the highest SERP can be the toughest task, and we can consider it a bottleneck. Companies need to define a schedule before anything else to manage these issues.

7. Separate Time Intervals for All Employees Engaged in a Specific Task

In case taking more than a day to complete a specific task, you need to use a data interval to calculate. In this situation, you should list down all the team members involved in this task and record their time duration to complete it. An employee activity monitoring software helps you make this list and record timings.

8. Time Tracking Software Must Tell You About Hiring and Firing Employees

Here, we can give you the example of a content writer who is the most important pillar of the digital marketing team. If he needs to produce a specific number of words in a shift but unfortunately cannot. Therefore, the project suffers, so you can immediately decide to hire a new writer. You can also outsource some parts of the project to another talented content writer. It is one of the techniques to remove the bottleneck. In this situation, your existing employees can also be motivated to go the extra and help the management remove this bottleneck.

9. Motivation is a Must to Keep Your Team on the Toes

Motivation matters in every field. However, it becomes more important when you have a project and need results. In this scenario, we push your employees more to productivity which helps you achieve your target. Using productivity monitoring software can be the best solution to keep you on track and employees motivated. This way, you can inform your employees about their current performance and push them to increase it. With that, you can also announce initiatives, which can be financial or promotional, as a motivation. When employees find such an opportunity, they produce results.

10. The Employers and Employees Must be on the Same Page

Here, we need to mention that motivation can be developed only when the management and employees are on the same page. There must be synergy between the two, and both have common goals and objectives. In this way, when you calculate the time via a time calculator and set a target that the employees will achieve to be entitled to a reward, the most dedicated employees produce results. And when it happens, the motivation level of other employees is also improved, and you experience one of the most remarkable performances on a specific day.

11. Implement the PDCA Cycle to Maximize Your Productivity

Before discussing the implementation of PDCA, it is necessary to understand this cycle. Basically, the PDCA cycle has four different steps. These are plan, do, check, and act. It means that you need to plan the project to complete it first. When you have made a plan, implement it. The next phase in this cycle is monitoring, tracking, or checking. Here, if you find any issues in achieving your goals, you can take the necessary measures to produce the results that you expect in a defined time.

12. The Best Time Tracking App Must Assist the PDCA Cycle

The experts think using the PDCA cycle is one of the best techniques to improve the productivity and performance of the organization. However, it does not work independently, as you also need the best free EMS software for assistance in time tracking and monitoring computer activities. In those situations, where tracking tells us the issues in productivity, the management can make necessary decisions to complete the tasks within the assigned time. For that, the time duration calculator offered by productivity monitoring software plays a significant role. Additionally, using PDCA with employee activity monitoring software keeps you at that particular level where improved productivity all the time is your pursuit.

13. Time Tracking Software to Help Focus More on Work

Distraction from tasks is quite common among employees. The reason is social media, news and sports websites, and other online tools. However, employees never know how much they distract during office hours. A good time tracking software must monitor employee activities and browsing history and generate reports. In this way, the managers can identify distracting websites and introduce some restrictions to minimize their use in the office.

Concluding Remarks

No business can compromise on time management when it has a time-bound project. However, it does not mean that time does not matter in other organizations. Time is money, and we need to understand that this currency can be beneficial only when we are ready to utilize it expertly.

The same is in the case of paper money. Using time tracking apps like employee monitoring software is a new norm to calculate the timings of all individuals and assign them tasks accordingly. The competitive companies in the 21st century largely rely on time management with the best EMS software to achieve organizational goals and objectives. It is the only solution to survive in the market, as all your major competitors have incorporated these monitoring tools into their organizations.


What is the Best App to Track Time?

EMS is the best time tracking app as it tells about live tracking and real-time tracking. It can measure productive hours, office hours, and idle time, and it generate reports. You can deeply view attendance record that includes leaves, holidays and present days.

Is there Any Free Time Tracking Apps?

Yes, you can enjoy 15 days free trial of EMS, along with its time tracking feature. You see your employees’ working, productive, and free hours in a report that EMS will send to employers in an Email. You can view the login and logout times of all employees.

What is the Best Free App to Track Work Hours?

 You can track work hours easily via EMS. EMS is specially featured for time tracking and productivity evaluation. It generates daily reports which have working hours and free time. There are several other useful features of EMS, i.e., activity monitoring, screen monitoring, screenshots, web tracking, etc.

What is the Meaning of Time Tracking?

Time tracking means you can reckon a person’s incoming and outgoing timing at a workplace. There are many apps that offer time tracking, live tracking, and real-time tracking app. The organizations use time tracking to check the timings and location of the employees. 

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