The Best Way to Choose Employee Monitoring Software (EMS)

For all those organizations that want to improve workflow, employees’ performance, and supervision, employee monitoring software is the best solution. However, as a company, you must be careful in choosing the right software for your organization. We claim it because finding the wrong tool can become devastating for the organizational structure and operational activities.

If your tool does not fulfill all your business requirements to monitor employee activities, it does not suit you. In some cases, the software can be heavier for your computers and network. In this particular scenario, you can face a hilarious situation. It means that this EMS software cannot help you. Therefore, it is a must to select the most suitable system for your organizational structure.

To help you choose the best software, the experts recommend some tips. Here, we are discussing them in detail:

The company must have established business goals and objectives

It means that you must have set a target that you want to achieve in the coming five years, let us say. The selection of employee monitoring software depends on it. For example, if you have a goal to double the team in the next five years, you need to go for that particular EMS software that can handle this specific number. Some organizations can have the objective of providing a secure environment to their clients. In some cases, they are involved in providing maximum security. In all these conditions, they need to ensure the security features of the software.

Proper research is a must before finalizing employee monitoring software

Do not make instant decisions while buying EMS software. Before choosing any particular software, it is necessary to research the market adequately. We recommend it because many vendors add many features that you do not require mainly. The purpose of these vendors is to show that they do not sell a basic solution. However, we have observed that most of the features only make the system heavier for conventional machines. So, when we install these solutions, the computer performance and speed are compromised. Another essential factor to keep in mind is that effectiveness determines the value of an employee monitoring system, not the features.

Therefore, before deciding, you need to prepare a list of required features and remove every unnecessary requirement. The must-have features in EMS software are described here:

Attendance monitoring

Generally, an employee monitoring system tracks the attendance using login and logout timings of an employee. In some solutions, the clock-in and clock-out time feature fulfill your requirement.

Website/URL monitoring

A website monitoring feature prepares a log. This log has all those websites that an employee visits during his office hours. For instance, visiting not-required websites and recording time that an employee spends there are calculated.

Active/Idle time monitoring

These are the timings of the employees in which they stay in front of the system or leave the system unattended. It helps an EMS software calculate the productive time.

Application/Document monitoring

This feature tells the management about the applications which have been used by the employee generally. This system also informs about the applications that are not used during office hours or are little used.

Reporting Options

The most helpful employee monitoring solutions can generate runtime reports about any, some, or all employees related to their activities. Your chosen EMS software should also create accounts in a specific period or between two selected dates.

This discussion has told us about the most critical features that EMS software must-have.

Try to choose any of the ten most powerful and popular employee monitoring software

You can quickly determine it by exploring the internet and extracting such reviews in which top 10 solutions are discussed. Visiting top review sites is the best option. These websites write reviews after observing key points, like total clients, number of studies, percentage of good reviews, given stars by the users, searching Google to identify top-ranked solutions, prices, and expert searches on search engines. These reviews help you choose the best EMS software according to your needs, budget, and market reputation of this software.

Observe the performance of customer support staff of all selected solutions

This activity plays a pivotal role in determining the performance of any specific software. First of all, you know after this activity how the CSRs will help you in case of finding an error, their response time, and service procedure. Second, you can match the written information of any specific software with the verbal or written information given by the actual vendor.

That employee monitoring software is the best that is growing consistently

With company growth, the companies can improve their organizational goals, objectives, and product quality. Here, we need to mention that you should choose only scalable EMS software solutions. In this way, the solution providers also grow with their clients. Here, we have prepare a list of those features that make the software scalable:


The employees always show concern when you plan to implement a new employee monitoring software. To address their concerns, you need to be transparent and take all employees on the same page. You also need to define all monitoring policies that help gather only adequate information.


The EMS software should be flexible. It means that the vendors should be ready to change or update the features after observing the user experience. A good employee monitoring software can incorporate all servers and integrate with all applications used in an organization.

User-friendly and customized solutions

Installation must not be a hectic task for the management. Furthermore, customization should always be available according to clients’ requirements.

Data encryption

Those vendors are the best that give their clients data security and protection. Generally, a good employee monitoring software keeps the data encrypt, and only authentic individuals can decrypt this data.


It is one of the most critical factors that most organizations cannot ignore. Therefore, the best EMS software offers the most reasonable and market-competitive prices against the features they provide to their clients.

The EMS software must integrate with all other applications and work processes

As a company that wants to incorporate EMS software, you need to develop consensus among employees. We recommend it because you cannot integrate the software with work processes if there will be any resistance. Involving all stakeholders, providing all the details, and preparing comprehensive policies always help you integrate new systems with work processes.

Another essential aspect in this regard is the work processes and operational activities. Both activities must not be disturbed to continue the routine activities of the organization. For that, you need to choose those solutions that can easily be integrate with all existing applications. If there is any conflict relate to integration, it must be resolve before software implementation.

Summing it up

Choosing the right employee monitoring software is a task that requires motivation, dedication, and commitment. It is because every business has different requirements. Therefore, selecting the best EMS software according to requirements largely depends on your overall enthusiasm. If it is not there, the chances are that you will face the circumstances.


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