Advantages and Disadvantages of Employee Monitoring Software

Ignoring employee monitoring software is now a crime.

However, proper implementation is equally crucial as if you have implemented it rightly; numerous benefits are waiting for you. On the other hand, you may have faced many adverse effects if you have not done so.

In the current post, we have listed down some top benefits and drawbacks of productivity monitoring software to help you understand this monitoring more effectively. With that, we have pointed out some steps to follow that help you identify little difference between monitoring and breaching employee privacy.

Are you ready for it? Let us start now!

What are the advantages of employee monitoring software?

Implementing employee activity monitoring software properly after collecting all necessary information can provide some tremendous advantages if you have implemented employee activity monitoring software. Some of them are discussed here:

1. Employee monitoring software helps Increase productivity. 

Monitoring the time spent by your employees at work will help you determine how to increase productivity in your company. If your employees are spending office hours on their activities, you may suffer losses due to this particular reason. Therefore, using the best EMS software is the only option to keep your employees monitored.

For instance, if one of your employees spends time in personal activities, and your employee monitoring software confirms it, you can confront him and order him to stay focused and determined during office hours.

2. You can minimize policy violations.

We confirm that many employees in all organizations think that they can violate the rules quite convincingly without getting noticed. Here, employee activity monitoring software can force them to follow other regulations. Otherwise, they will be penalized.

Monitoring computer activities can be the best solution to stop dishonest workers from breaking the rules. These employees violate the laws when bosses are not near. However, in the presence of employee monitoring software, they cannot violate company policies.

3. Productivity monitoring software helps reduce mistakes.

Employee activity monitoring software also helps you identify the mistakes committed by the specific employee and remove them immediately. You can also train your employees to address the errors and minimize the chances of errors after observing the reasons behind these mistakes.

Here, we want to mention a word of caution. Do not react with anger in case of finding issues in their tasks. Instead, you need to take them into confidence and remove fear and conflict that may arise if you speak aloud.

With that, it is also necessary to develop a culture of trust in the organization. In this way, your employees will become more productive and motivated. We also want to mention here that the employees will deal with the mistakes more effectively.

4. Monitoring computer activities reinforce strengths.

Not only the mistakes and violations, but you can also identify your employees’ strengths with the best free EMS software. These monitoring tools help you get detailed snapshots that tell you how your specific employees go beyond to provide your organization more fruitful results. We recommend that you need to appreciate those employees who go extraordinarily to help your company achieve organizational goals more effectively and aggressively.

5. Having employee activity monitoring software means increased customer satisfaction.

When employees know that their managers use the best free EMS software to monitor them, they will focus more on their tasks. The same situation will be in the customer support, marketing, and sales departments. So, in the presence of employee monitoring software, customer care executives perform exceptionally well, which helps you satisfy your customers more effectively.

Having productivity monitoring software helps you keep your call center agents and customer support executives accurate to provide support according to the set standards, procedures, policies, and SOPs. In this way, your customers get the best support. It means they will stick with you for a long time.


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Disadvantages of employee monitoring software

Until now, we have discuss only the benefits and advantages of productivity monitoring software. Now, it is necessary to mention some disadvantages of the best free EMS software. So, let us explore them!

1. Monitoring software can increase stress.

Many studies and surveys have confirm that monitoring computer activities can keep your employees under pressure and depress. When your employees know that they are secretly monitored, therefore, they can face the music in case of violating any rule or committing a mistake. This concern makes them stress and pressure. When they are under pressure, they can be more likely to commit more mistakes. They also think that quality work is not important in employee activity monitoring software, as numbers matter a lot. So, they try to improve only numbers, and quality remains secondary.

2. Monitoring computer activities breeds mistrust.

Implementing productivity monitoring software develops a mindset among employees that the management does not trust them. Some may also think that they are considered school children. In this way, mistrust develops among employees. Here, we want to mention that it is necessary to know the ethics while using the best EMS softwarenot only as an employer but also as an employee.

In this way, an issue of the clash between employee monitoring software and employee privacy develops. To meet this challenge, the companies need to build trust before implementing productivity monitoring software. There should be training sessions to guide the employees on how to deal with the best EMS software. It is also essential to tell the employees that they will be monitor only during office hours. Moreover, their privacy will not be violate. Only productive and unproductive activities will be monitored, and no one will try to extract their data, like social media pages, usernames, and passwords.

How can we draw a line between employee privacy and productivity monitoring software?

The rules and regulations allow the companies to monitor their employee activities. However, many details are not satisfied when employee activity monitoring software is implemented. The best practice in this regard is to inform the employees about everything, which will be monitored. It is also essential to inform them of the activities that do not come under monitoring computer activities.

To minimize the risk of such clashes more, there are some exciting tips. Let us discuss them here!

Educate your employees.

As discuss above, you need to train your employees before the implementation. The companies need to tell their employees about the activities and performance to be monitor. You should also need to say to them that the purpose of the best EMS software is to monitor the performance. No one is going to track your activities. So, the employees only need to avoid performing their activities while using office hours and machines. Nothing is more than that.

The companies must have explicit and specific policies to implement.

Generally, training sessions have a small impact. Employees forget almost everything, which has been discuss and describe in these sessions. So, it is necessary to develop all the policies related to computer monitoring activities. Moreover, these policies must be transmitted to all the employees. In this way, the employees know what is being monitor and what is not.

Get signatures from all employees as consent.

As there may be legal issues, a company must take the consent of all the employees to avoid any legal issues. For that, the companies need to use a consent form, which will tell that the specific employee has allowed his company to monitor his activities in the office computer during office hours.

Reminders and pieces of training must be regularly.

It becomes especially critical when you use employee monitoring software. Almost all the companies provide policy sheets to all new employees on joining. However, mostly they do not read it carefully. Therefore, the organizations must send these policies again and again and get the consent of all employees. With that, it is also necessary to inform employees about any changes in the policy. In this way, they would not claim that no one has told them about monitoring computer activities and changes in the policy.


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